Game 7 : The Dallas Mavericks and The Phoenix Suns, it is a match of Do or Die.

The Dallas Mavericks are performing exceptionally well so far which is point of concern for The Phoenix Suns.

The Game 7 is scheduled to take place in Phoenix.

The Phoenix Suns would surely try to win this game as there will be huge fan support for home team.

The Suns have not lost any match so far in the series and many of its players are in great form.

If Suns win this game then they will qualify for Western Conference Finals.

Suns qualified for Western Conference Finals last year also.

If Mavericks win this game then they will also qualify for Western Conference Finals.

Last time Mavericks qualified for finals in year 2011.

As I said this game is Do or Die for both the teams so this game is going to be high octane game.

Suns have Chris Paul and Devin Booker whereas The Mavericks have Doncic and Jalen Brunson.

I am personally die hard fan of The Suns.

But I must say that The Mavericks are also tough nuts to crack for Suns.

The Chances of winning the Game 7 for both the teams look like 50 : 50


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