Sudden MonkeyPox outbreak is new Threat to the world.

It is a virus. It causes a rare zoonotic disease which means that it can be transfer by germsfrom animals to humans.

It was started spreading by wild animals in certain part of Africa.

If an infected person travels then it will spread from one place to everywhere.

According to WHO human to human transfer of this virus is also reported.

There are two Variants of the virus which have been detected.

One is West African strain of monkeypox virus.

And the other is  the Central African strain of Monkeypox virus.

Current outbreak is reported in  U.K. ON MAY 7 the person just visited  Nigeria.

Five cases have been reported in Portugal.

And a total of seven cases was reported in Spain.

Few cases in CANADA also reported.

Total of 68 suspected cases are reported till date.

The cases which currently reported may have transfer through sexual contact. 


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