Naomi Judd was no doubt a Darling for all of us.

Ashley Judd shocked everyone aftey saying that her mother commited suicide.

She dropped this bombshell during an interview with Diana Sawyer.

This was really very shocking for Naomi Judd fans.

We all loved her performance so much.

Nobody thought that she would be going with such mental trauma for so long.

She was so devastated that she had to take this step.

She uesd to be always on the top of 80s chartbusters.

Naomi Judd accidently came to know that she is suffering from Hepatitis C.

This again proves that onscreen appearance may not be same as offscreen appearance.

Sometimes we need a good friend instead of long list of fans.

Can you guess the name of celebrity in this picture?

Hint: He recently passed away


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