When the verdict come there can be few possibilities for the outcomes.

From the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s  Trial.

First outcome may be if Amber Heard wins the trial and compensated with  $100 M.

From her ex husband Johnny Depp.

This will happen when Heard would able to convince the jury that her 2018 Washington post was not to defame Johnny.

But the amount she asked from Johnny is yet to testify in the court that how did she reach to this amount.

Other possible outcome in heard’s favor is that she wins the trial.

And gets less than $ 100 M, this may come if jury member believes that the amount is too high.

Another possible outcome may come in  Johnny Depp’s favor,

Johnny wins and gets $50M.

This will come if Johnny’s team would able to convince the jury that Jonny was defamed due to Heard’s post.

And he deserves this compensation from her.

Johnny’s Agent agent Jack Whigham  has already testified that he has lost $22.5 M from pirates of the Caribbean franchise only.


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