Rapper Lil Keed died, yes this is really very shocking for everyone.

Lil Keed was a rapper based in Atlanta and a member of YSL Record Label which was founded by Young Thug.

His brother Lil Gotit informed about his death in a social media post.

Just after breaking this news on social media, it started trending on Twitter and Google Trends.

The exact reason of his death is still not known.

Lil Keed was just 24 years old. It is really very shocking to see someone leaving this world so early.

Lil Keed had one daughter Naychur.

The real name of rapper Lil Keed was Rahqid Render which he mentioned in his YSL Bio.

He came into limelight just after he debuted with his mix tape " Trapped on Cleavland 2 " in 2018.

After that he recorded two full length albums in 2019 and 2020.

In 2019, he came with album "Long Live Mexico"

In 2020, he came with album "Trapped on Cleaveland 3"

Both the albums were blockbusters and this put Lil Keed in A List of rappers.

Rest in Peace Brother (RIP).


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