Dr. Taylor Swift, yes you read it right she is now doctorate degree holder.

She has been given this honour by New York University.

She once revealed that she never wore a cap and gown in her life as she never graduated.

This news went viral on social media platforms and finally NYU decided to complete her dream.

Taylor Swift needs no introduction as she is a Diva in music industry now.

She is the epitome of beauty and her songs are equally good.

But this is not the end in her appreciation, she earns way better than other musicians of her age.

According to sources, Taylor Swift has grossed more than $400 million so far in 2022

She became the only women to be inducted in the list of top 10 highest paid musicians in 2021.

She knows how to keep lights of media on her.

She has dated many famous celebrities in past.

Recently it is rumoured that she is dating a Canadian rapper Drake.

Drake needs no introduction as he is also a popular name in music industry.

Taylor Swift and Drake never accepted their relationship in public.


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