On Friday the court started for the closing argument.

Both the sides were given two hours each to give their closing argument.

One by one the attorney of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has given the closing statement before Jurors.

First , Johnny Depp’s attorney Vasquez started the closing statement.

Thereafter it was finished by his another  attorney  Ben Chew.

Both the attorney of Johnny Depp has given their best closing statement.

Just after the closing statement of his attorney  Johnny Depp hugs Ben Chew.

This makes Johnny Depp’s fan speechless.

The photo now trending on tweeter, and getting love from his fans.

Now the video from the closing argument of Ben Chew is trending on Internet.

Fans of Johnny Depp are tweeting about the remarkable closing argument.

And internet is praising Johnny’s legal team for the confident they showed on Johnny Depp.


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