he Time Traveler's Wife'  by Steven Moffat’s is streaming  from May 16, 2022 .

This story is taken from the famous novelist Audrey Niffenegger's hit novel named The Time Traveler's Wife'  .

This book was published on October 1, 2009  by Audrey Niffenegger.

The novel was a hit that time , and still is .this was debut novel  of Audrey Niffenegger's.

Steven Moffat  already shoed his great work in - (Doctor Who, Sherlock).he is also two-time Emmy Award winner.

Now Steven Moffat  ,a  producer  brought the 'The Time Traveler's Wife ‘  on small screen.

The story is roll around one couple named Henry and Clare. the story completes in 6 parts.

Theo James IS Henry and Clare is  beautiful Rose Leslie.

he story is about Henry DeTamble (James) who is a librarian and live in Chicago.

Henry DeTamble is male lead of the story and he suffers from a rare genetic disorder.

Due to his disorder he travel back in time to different places and meet people in all his life time.

The story becomes interesting when Henry  meet Clare Abshire (Leslie).

The two lead meets at Newberry Library  which is  Henry’s workplace also in Chicago.

At the first meeting Clare Abshire revel that she knows him from all of her life.

The story is shot mainly in Newyork city. The show can be seen on HBO on Sunday, May 15 at 9pm ET / PT.


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