Tommy Pham, a Cincinnati Reds outfielder, has been imposed a three game fine.

He slapped Joc Pederson, a San Francisco Giants outfielder in fantasy football dispute.

Tommy Pham has also been imposed a fine for this act.

Tommy Pham openly admitted that he slapped Joc Penderson.

He said that this incident took place during a discussion on an old text message sent to Pham.

Pham said that he did not intend to do so but it took an ugly turn somehow.

He said that since he has committed this inappropriate behaviour so he does not have any regret for the punishment.

Reds manager David Bell when approached by media said that he asked Tommy Pham about the incidence.

He did not disclose what they discussed with each other to media.

Such types of acts are surely not in a good spirit of sports.

We just hope that Tommy Pham will learn a lesson from this punishment.

Other player will also learn that personal emotions should not be mixed in sports.

Otherwise this can lead to an end to your professional career.


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