Eurovision Song Contest 2022 update 

Ukraine wins the Song Contest 2022 

Ukraine's folk-rap group Kalush Orchestra has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Group Kalush Orchestra has won the show with the help of public support.

They won the contest with 631 points.

Ukraine's folk-rap group  Kalush Orchestra were given special permission to leave the war torn country.

Sam Ryder gave tough fight to Group Kalush Orchestra.

Their performance ended with the massage from their country.

Kalush Orchestra ended the night with a plea: "Please help Ukraine, help Mariupol, help Azovstal right now."

Sam Ryder was ahead of Ukraine's  Group Kalush Orchestra with jury’ vote

Sam Ryder  is from UK and was at top with 283 points.

But  Ryder got down when public votes were added.

Sam Ryder gave best from his country since 1998.

Ukraine's folk-rap group Kalush Orchestra got down with the jury’s vote but public votes changed the game.

Ukraine wins Eurovision Song Contest


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