A U.S. Open in Boston isn't anything, regardless of whether Bradley move on from Hopkinton High School,

almost 33 miles from The Country Club, which, hello, 33 was Larry Bird's number,

furthermore, darling old Red Sox catcher Carton "Pudge" Fisk is the uncle of Bradley's significant other, Jillian, and -

Goodness, don't bother. Bradley is somewhat going nuts about this U.S. Open. However, he's doing whatever it takes not to.

"It's large," he said in an extensive meeting at his home in Jupiter, Florida.

"It's the thing I'm generally glad for; when you're from New England, it becomes what your identity is.

However, I've kind of needed to shut this out in my cerebrum and attempt to limit it.

I realized it was no joking matter on the grounds that nobody in my family was discussing it, and afterward I qualified, and here come the texts.

"Its an obvious fact," he proceeded, "that this will be an extreme week


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