The Visa Cards are again making headlines across the globe.

This is not first time Visa Cards holder are facing issues in payments.

People started facing problems in payment at around 1 pm ET on Saturday.

This was just starting; at around 3 pm ET more than thousand customers reported complaining about payment issues through their Visa Cards.

Around 4% of Visa Cards user reported problem in accessing the Visa’s website.

People residing in the area of New York and New Jersey areas were worst hit with this problem.

 Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., Houston, Dallas, Seattle, Phoenix and Atlanta were some other places where the issues related with Visa cards payment reported.

More than 80% of the total users of Visa Cards were facing the same issue of unable to make payment through their cards, reported by Visa’s website.

The debit card holders were more as compared to credit card holders who were facing this issue.

The shock to the people got deepens when Mastercard user also started reporting the same issue.

They were having difficulty in credit cards only.

Few hours’ later Mastercard Company confirmed that their network is working fine.

This type of technical glitch is not acceptable by leading companies like Visa Cards and Mastercards.


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