Golden State Warriors take its revenge from Boston Celtics in Game 2.

Warriors won Game 2 of NBA finals by 107-88.

Stephen Curry said in after Game 1 that he could not sleep in night as Warriors lost Game 1.

Now Stephan Curry will be in much relaxed state after Game 2.

Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors both have won a match.

Warriors started the Game 2 as usual bit slow.

They gathered most of the points in third quarter.

They scored 35-14 in third quarter.

Third quarter turned out to game changer for Golden State Warriors.

Warriors learnt few good lessons from Game 1 against Celtics.

They knew that Celtics’s defence is very strong and we have to work on our defence.

Gary Payton II, who fractured his elbow during semi final matches joined Warriors in Game 2.

He played for 25 minutes and scored 7 points for Warriors.


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