1. Kim Basinger purchased the township of Braselton, Georgia.

2. Magic Johnson bought 30 Burger King franchises.

3. Katy Perry bought Russell Brand a $200,000 ticket to space.

4. Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have a candy-filled room for their kids.

5. Paris Hilton spent $325,000 on a villa for her dogs.

6. Celine Dion requested a $2 million humidifier to protect her vocal cords.

7. Kelly Rowland bought Blue Ivy a $5,200 Swarovski-crystal-studded baby bathtub.

8. It's almost as absurd as Tamara Ecclestone's $1.5 million crystal bathtub.

9. Donald Trump installed a gold bathroom in his $100 million jet.

10. A custom-made gold grill cost Justin Bieber $5,000.

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