Johnny Dep is in for more court preliminaries as his ex Amber Heard has looked

An excusal of the body of evidence against Depp or a re-preliminary

Heard feels that the adjudicator didn't trust her "survivor of homegrown maltreatment" story

Furthermore one of the members of the jury was not reviewed as expected by her group of legal advisors

Heard accepts that one of the members of the jury has been recorded as brought into the world in 1945

He is displayed as being brought into the world in 1970

The adjudicator had administered in support of Depp in regards to the remuneration and punished Heard 

This, Heard's legal counselors, have portrayed as "overabundance" and "weak" or without any trace of contention. 

The adjudicator too decreased the remuneration to $350,000/ - which is a state cap, following the finish of the preliminary.

The fact that he was not referenced in the story composed by Heard for Washington Post, it contaminated his standing.

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