Golden Heard, who has been making title as a result of her and ex Johnny Depp's maligning preliminary

Another report said the entertainer's facial elements were close immaculate, as indicated by logical principles

Golden's highlights like eyes, lips, and face shape were estimated and dissected

 The determination, in a review led by a UK-based corrective specialist.

As revealed by Unilad, British corrective specialist Dr Julian De Silva found

A review that Amber's face was precisely 91.85% near wonderful by utilizing computerized facial-planning innovation. 

He directed his exploration back in 2016, and utilized the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty of 1.618, also called 'Phi.'

The proportion figures out what is considered to be the ideal extent of facial elements.

He supposedly investigated 12 focuses all over - utilizing an honorary pathway picture from 2016

2016 - to gauge between her eyes, nose, lips, jaw and in general head to get the almost 92% score.

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