The Cody young men are back and they have previously begun to show nobody can screw with them,

Regardless of whether somebody knew their mom, Smurf.

In Season 5, we perceived how Gia (Karina Lague) deserted them and the Codys thought about that literally.

 They were would rather do anything other than to hear Gia's reasons,

 For how it was important for her to do that and left her.

Notwithstanding, Gia knows that they are so vital to her and can utilized in do a portion of her work.

In the debut episode of Season 6, we see Gia getting back ,

To the Codys for a task and letting them know that another young lady ,

Around is gobbling her business up by doing a greater number of deals than her.

J actually feels that Gia ought not be here and ought to disappear.