1. Monica Geldart is from Yorkshire and is a famous TikTok sensation.

2. She became famous after going viral on TikTok with her character sketches.

3. Monica Geldart doesn’t quite have a husband - but she is engaged!

4. She is engaged to Hollyoaks actor Connor Calland, whom she met through Instagram.

5. She became famous for her hugely relatable video content around teaching.

6. Monica Geldart is 25 years old - her birthday is July 22nd. 

7. Monica Geldart made her name by creating viral sketches set in a school.

8. Monica was born in Sheffield but grew up in Harrogate.

9. She lived in Leeds when she first met her husband-to-be, Connor.

10. Monica and her fiancé Connor are currently planning a 2025 wedding.

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