"I feared returning via online entertainment since I nearly lost my life from it,"

It's been a long time since Crazy Rich Asians raised Constance Wu — currently the star of Fresh Off The Boat

A profoundly effective sitcom on ABC — into the domains of film fame.

 But on the other hand that has been a period that has been oddly tranquil for the entertainer

 who as of late gotten back to standard acting with a featuring job in Netflix's The Terminal List.

Presently, Wu has focused on withdrawing from both Hollywood and virtual entertainment — and, all the more amazingly

 Uncovered that she endeavored to end her own life a long time back

"It lighted shock and web disgracing that got pretty serious," Wu composes

 Alluding to an occurrence in 2019 in which she welcomed news that Fresh would get a 6th season 

Wu, who composes that she "nearly lost her life" to virtual entertainment during the occurrence:

Title 3

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