Colombia has chosen a previous guerrilla warrior Gustavo Petro as president,

Waking him the South American country's most memorable radical head of state.

Petro beat Rodolfo Hernández, a gaff-inclined previous city chairman of Bucaramanga and business tycoon,

With 50.47% of the vote in a spillover political race on Sunday and will get to work in July in the midst of a large group of difficulties,

Not least of which is the extending discontent over imbalance and increasing expenses of living.

Hernández had 47.27%, with practically all polling forms counted,

 As indicated by results delivered by political decision specialists.

Petro's political decision denotes a flowing movement for Colombia, 

A country that has up until recently never had a radical president, 

And follows comparative triumphs for the left in Peru, Chile and Honduras.

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