Khloé knows how to hit it at the gym like HIIT it hit it.

She shared a video of her full-body gym sesh and included details of the circuit training she followed.

In the session – Khloé targets everything from her abs to her obliques, switching up her exercises

Which include: lateral kicks, power knees, leg scissors, and lunges.

As well as using resistance bands and a Bosu ball in her workout,

Khloé makes use of some awe-inspiring gym equipment too.

Khloé revealed how she incorporates the Hydrow machine into her workout,

Which includes ten reps of two-minute stints with weight-lifting sets in between.

In a video, she showed her impressive weightlifting skills, targeting her world-famous booty.

Khloé takes her warm-up routine seriously, meaning she's no stranger to early starts.

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