1. Live-action models were used to help Pinocchio look as real as possible.

2. Swarovski provided thousands of crystals for Prince Adam's "Beauty and the Beast" costume.

3. Gaston's live-action costume took inspiration from military uniforms.

4. The costumes in “Moana” (2016) were inspired by a combination of cultures and natural materials.

5. Ariel’s underwater outfits were digitally added after filming.

6. Over 5,000 petals were used to create the showstopping red dress in "Cruella" (2021).

7. The characters in "Encanto" (2021) have their gifts hidden in their costumes.

8. The "Mary Poppins" (1964) designer had to be extra careful when creating the film's costumes.

9. Snow White’s dress includes elements from various periods, creating a unique silhouette.

10. The “Frozen II” costume designers traveled to Europe for inspiration.

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