Ricky Martin is denying claims that he was associated with a close connection with his nephew.

In a proclamation to TODAY, Martin's lawyer, Marty Singer, says, Tragically

 The individual who made this case is battling with profound emotional well-being difficulties.

 Ricky Martin has, obviously, never been — and could never be — engaged with any sort of sexual or close connection with his nephew.

The thought isn't just false, it is sickening," he proceeded.

We as a whole expectation that this man gets the assistance he so desperately needs.

Martin's attorney addressed TODAY after bits of hearsay started coursing on the web on Friday. 

Vocalist didn't recognize Martin's nephew by name and it was not promptly clear assuming that the nephew has lawful portrayal.

Martin's legal counselor's assertion and the new charge against him come simply seven days after a Puerto Rico judge gave a limiting request against the vocalist.

A police representative named Axel Valencia recently let The Associated Press know that

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