'Hitting the dance floor with Myself' is an absolutely new idea following TV reality dance shows

The show follows normal individuals as they exhibit their capacities by attempting to mimic

 The dance steps in each challenge made by the appointed authorities and visitors.

The idea of the show is to reflect the way that individuals endeavor to realize anything new dance frenzy

New dance frenzy is famous via online entertainment every week.

Every week on the truth contest series 'Hitting the dance floor with Myself'

 A gathering of ordinary individuals will partake in a progression of focused energy dance

 The show's superstar makers Shakira, Nick Jonas, Liza Koshy, and have Camille Kostek have made and shown.

The pristine dance difficulties that the challengers should finish will be given by Shakira, Liza, Nick, and Camille. Moreover

They will utilize the abilities of visiting famous people who will introduce their own snags. 

Title 3

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