Stephen Curry talked unassumingly with NBATV's Jared Greenberg after Game 2 of the NBA Finals,

tranquilly tending to the one individual honor evading the gatekeeper during a Hall of Fame 13-year profession.

"There's been a ton of achievements in my vocation and that one's not on the rundown," 

Curry said while examining his recently granted Bill Russell NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award.

After eight days, history specialists can now write down that one on Curry's resume, as well,

alongside a fourth title on the strength of the 34-year-old scoring a group high 34 focuses 

Thursday in Golden State's 103-90 victory over Boston in Game 6 of the NBA Finals to catch this best-of-seven series 4-2.

Brilliant State mentor Steve Kerr referred to Curry's most recent award as 

"his highest accomplishment in what's as of now been an amazing profession.

Title 3

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