1. Taylor Swift Time's Person of the Year glittered in front of the camera in a black bodysuit,

2. a floor-skimming chenille dress, and a studded bustier gown.

3. Swift can transcend ideas of celebrity and instead directly mirror her fans' lives.

4. Swift sings about the interior worlds of young women; she speaks like them and even dresses like them.

5. Swift taking aesthetic risks and opting for glamour to imagine a Swift who actively rejects her audience.

6. Swift also shops where her fans shop, from Zara to J. Crew.

7. It is also easy to forget that those record sales allow her an estimated $1.1 billion fortune,

8. Enough to wear any designer piece she wants or hire any stylist across the industry.

9. A swipe at several Taylor Swift-style blogs will reveal trail sneakers with muddy fleeces.

10. Ren Faire-approved dresses with Jean Paul Gaultier boots, and high-heeled loafers.

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