Taylor Swift is loved for her music as she has a song to describe almost every mood and phase 

The singer – who has been with Joe Alywn for years now (reports of them first dating emerged in 2017)

She’s going through now. Wondering which? Well, it’s Paper Rings from her 2019 album Lover.

The song’s lyrics ‘I like shiny things but i’d marry you with paper rings’ seems

The best line to describe the actor and singer’s relationship as reports claim the two have been engaged

For a few months now! PS: We compared it to paper rings as we haven’t seen the solitaire yet

As per The Sun, it was a source close to Joe Alwyn who revealed Taylor Swift and he are engaged.

The British publication reported their source saying, “Taylor and Joe are incredibly happy, and very, very in love. 

They’ve actually been engaged for a few months but have only told their inner-inner circle

Basically immediate family, and trusted, very old friends. Everyone has been sworn to secrecy, too

Title 3

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