1. Paris Jackson was dressed in a black cut-out Celine gown.

2. She paired it with simple gold jewelry. Notably missing from the ensemble were her many tattoos.

3. Jackson, who has over 80 tattoos, said it took "a few hours" to hide all her tattoos with makeup.

4. She also posted a video of the tattoo cover-up process on Instagram.

5. Jackson sits in a makeup chair and applies foundation all over her skin and body to hide her tattoos.

6. The clip garnered more than 70,000 likes within six hours of being posted.

7. However, Instagram users seem to be divided by her new look.

8. In 2022, Jackson told People that her first-ever tattoo was a spontaneous one.

9. In 2016, she also got a wrist tattoo in honor of her father.

10. In 2020, Jackson also posted a video on Instagram Story of her tattooing.

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