In spite of what TikTok might have you accept,

Zendaya isn't pregnant. 

So for what reason do such countless individuals have all the earmarks of being sure,

possibly by mistake, that she and Tom Holland are having a child?

It began, as such countless things do, with the Kardashians.

Explicitly Kris Jenner, who is the mascot for another TikTok trend where clients ramble different made-up bits of information 

And afterward tell watchers they've been #Krissed, i.e., the "news" is phony. The majority of them are connected with the individual existences of VIPs 

Pregnancy tales, new couples, divorces — and some are upheld with "proof,"

normally as Instagram screen captures altered to make it seem as though they were posted by a VIP's record.

Each video closes with an accelerated video of Kris Jenner moving tore from this unbelievably mid-aughts Kardashian lip sync and the words, "You've quite recently been Krissed,"