1. Famous writer Stephen King eats a slice of cheesecake every day, before sitting down to write.

2. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs used to live on carrots practically.

3. Hollywood actor Renee Zellweger of Bridget Jones fame ate ice cubes for a while.

4. Model and TV host Petra Nemcova eats nothing but carrots, tomatoes, and fish.

5. Singer Mariah Carey maintains something called the “purple diet”.

6. Actor Nicole Kidman, while filming Cold Mountain, went on a hard diet of hard-boiled eggs.

7. despite being a full-grown adult, Reese Witherspoon likes eating baby food.

8. Actor Nicolas Cage doesn’t eat pork because he thinks they don’t have dignified sex.

9. In 2011, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg only ate what he killed.

10. Henry Ford, the automobile tycoon, used to eat weeds from his garden.

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