Amber Heard : Sad Moments After Verdict

Finally the verdict is out and is not in the favour of Amber Heard surely. from the start of the trial of defamation case between the two have one side influence on social media ,as Johnny Depp’s fans was seen trolling Amber Heard.

She got trolled online throughout the trials from Johnny Depp’s fan and have received ample amount of negative text on her social media account. Amber Heard talk about this trolling and hate text in court as well.

While sharing her feeling she said in the court that she gets text for her killing and fans of Johnny Depp have created negative trolling for her. she said this feeling is so bad that it can’t be expressed in words.

Now when the verdict is finally out now , Amber Heard has shared her feeling on social media account with her fans.

While writing on her Instagram page she said” I’m Heartbroken from the Verdict given by the jury” she said the disappointment which I felt today is beyond words ,the mountain of evidences was still not enough to stand up against the disproportionate power, influence, and sway of my ex-husband.”

She further added “I’m even more disappointed from the verdict what this mean to other woman. it’s a set back , a set back to the clock at a time when a women who spoke up and spoke out has humiliated and shamed publicliy.

The jury have given the verdict in favour of Johnny Depp and asked Amber Heard to pay $10 Million for in compensatory damages and $5 million as punitive damages. So in total Amber Heard have to pay a total of $ 15 Million to Johnny Depp as she lost the defamation case against him.

The amount which she has asked to pay by Jury is way more lesser than the damaging amount Johnny Depp has asked for the defamation lawsuit. Johnny Depp has sued Amber Heard with $ 50 Million in the defamation case.

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