Rafael Nadal Enters into French Open Final

Rafael Nadal reaches to finals of French Open after Alexander Zverev got injured on Friday match , French open semi-finals. The third seeded Alexander Zverev when ran to give a shot he twisted his right ankle.

Alexander then crumpled on the ground , His outfit ,arms and legs gets covered with rust colour of the clay. Just after this ,the trainer took him on the wheel chair from the court to a room. Where Nadal was there to see him ,

Later Alexander Zverev came out into the court Court Philippe Chatrier on crutches, his right shoes was removed and it was informed that he is unable to continue.

Till this incident the match was though from the both the sides they have played well for around 3 hours , just before Zverev got injured. Alexzander Zverev got injures after two sets.

The sudden end of the match due to injury of Alexander Zverev brought Rafael Nadal to finals of Roland Garros. Rafael Nadal had also dealt with his foot injury since 2015 .Nadal later said he saw Alexander crying just after the injury when he went to the room.

Nadal said it was very sad to see your colleague suffering like this when you know how much hard work he also has done for it. Nadal added ‘ If you are human then you will fell the pain of your colleague as well.

Rafael Nadal after reaching in the finals of the French opens also said , Yes it was my dream to play the Finals of Roland Garros, but this was not the right way I would want it. Rafael Nadal won a punishing first set 7-6 (8)

Rafael Nadal will be playing his 14th and probably the last French Opens finals. In the finals of the French open Nadal will play with No. 8 seed  Casper Rudd of Norway. He beats No. 20 seed Marin Cilic of Croatia before reaching into the finals.

After few hours Alexander Zverev posted a video on his social media handle, and informed his fans ” Looks like I have a very bad injury , but still the doctors are checking up for my condition , we will keep you posted”.

Alexander Zverev and Rafael Nadal goes toe- to- toe and error filled first set. Nadal said I was unable to push him back , Zverev was able to give a full ball all the time during the first set. I had many surviving moments during the match.

Nadal also said He is now ready to bring the title Roland Garros . The finals of French open is on this Sunday 5 June , Rafael Nadal is only one win away from his 14th crown.

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