Brazilian Model & Gerard Pique Relation: Real Reason Behind Breakup with Shakira

Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique and his pop start singer girlfriend Shakira recently confirmed their separation news. This came up after a news agency revealed that Gerard Pique is cheating Shakira with another women.

The rumours that the two were not living together in a house also gone out. There after the two confirmed through social media that we are partying our ways for betterment of out children who is our first priority.

Now Just after this a Brazilian Model claimed openly that out of all the player of the Barcelona Gerard Pique is the one who always text me personally , he text me on Instagram every now and then ,she also said that he always deletes those text from his Instagram.

As per the a n article published by a Spanish news paper “Marca” Gerard Pique has sent some illicit text to Brazilian Model Suzy Cortez. Pique met with Suzy Cortez through Sandro Rosell who was the former president of the the FC Barcelona.

The news paper claimed that the Pique was in direct contact with Suzy Cortez for a given period of time. Sandro Rosell was the president of the FC Barcelona during 2010 to 2014.

A New York based newspaper named El Diario NY recently revealed that while taking with them Cortez has said that She Met with Pique through Sandro Rosell who is a friend of Cortez.

Suzy Cortez later alleged all the Barcelona player except couple of the team mate who didn’t text me after their meeting. Lionel Messi the Argentinian along with his Brazilian teammate Philippe Coutinho are the only two player of the Barcelona team who never text me lewd message.

The two are loyal to their wives. the two are great husbands who love and respects their wives a lot Cortez said while talking to El Diario NY. The Spanish club and the Footballer Piques has not yet responded tot he claims made by Suzy Cortez.

She alleged Pique by saying that he is the one who always text me and ask when I’m coming to Europe and he also asked for the size of her butt. At the time we met he asked me my number and when I came back to Brazil then he sent me a message directly on Insatgram.

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