Greg Williams Acrisure Net Worth 2024, Growing a Billion-Dollar Business in Michigan

Greg Williams Acrisure Net Worth 2024: The Steelers announced Monday that Acrisure, a fintech company that operates a top 10 global insurance broker and is headquartered in Grand Rapids, has purchased the naming rights to Pittsburgh’s North Shore Stadium.

Greg Williams Acrisure Net Worth

Lansing native Greg Williams serves as President and CEO of Acrisure, which he co-founded in 2005. Working with professional sports figures is nothing new for Williams.

In 2021, Williams helped form Evolution Advisors with Tull, now-Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, his wife, Grammy Award winner, Ciara, and Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook.

According to its mission statement, Evolution Advisors intends to make an impact by providing financial services to minority-owned businesses and furthering the charitable and philanthropic efforts of the founding partners.

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Greg Williams Acrisure Biography

Greg Williams Acrisure Biography: His real name is Greg Williams, but he is commonly called Greg Williams Acrisure. He is a native of America and was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan, United States of America. Greg Williams is the CEO, co-founder, and president of AcriSure, the company he founded in 2005.

Acrisure is a fintech company, the mission and objective of the company are to provide intelligence-driven financial services solutions to customers across insurance, reinsurance, cyber services, etc.

Under the leadership of Greg Williams, Acrisure has become one of the top 10 largest insurance brokers in the world. The company’s headquarters is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the United States.

Greg Williams is a lover of sports when he is not working he likes to watch his favorite sport which is American football. In November 2021, he and his wife donated $10 million to a program supporting the Tom Izzo Football Building.

Greg Williams Acrisure Age

Greg Williams Acrisure Age: Greg Williams is 60 years old. However, we do not have any valid source of information about his actual date of birth.

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Greg Williams Acrisure Wife

Greg Williams Acrisure Wife Greg Williams Acrisure is a married man. His wife’s name is Dawn Williams. However, we have no information about whether the couple has children or not.

Greg Williams Acrisure Wife

Greg Williams Acrisure Family

Greg Williams Acrisure Family: Greg Williams, Co-Founder, CEO, and President of Acrisure, was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan. Although little is known about his family background or early life, there are indications that Williams grew up in a relatively normal environment.

His upbringing in Michigan likely played a role in shaping his character and values ​​as he began his entrepreneurial journey.

Greg Williams Acrisure History

Greg Williams Acrisure Net Worth: Greg Williams is the President and CEO of AcriSure, which he co-founded in 2005. With a compound annual growth rate of 63% since 2013, the company is approaching $4 billion in revenues and has averaged more than 100 M&A transactions per year since 2017.

Already the sixth largest insurance broker in the world and the largest independent real estate services company in the US, Acrisure is now on its way to becoming a global fintech company.

Other significant Accresure accomplishments under Greg’s leadership include the company’s 2016 management buyout of a private equity investor in a $2.9 billion transaction, a $400 million transaction to purchase the insurance practice of artificial intelligence pioneer Tulco, LLC, and a $3.5 billion acquisition in 2021.

Capital raising and recent additions. $725 million of capital was raised, valuing the company at $23 billion. Beyond the company’s core business operations, Greg has extended Acrisure’s success to significant social impact.

In 2020, Acrisure committed $15 million to establish a Center for Innovation in Children’s Health at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, which is Acrisure global headquarters. Greg led the creation of Evolution Advisors, a joint venture between AcriSure.

NFL quarterback and Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson and his wife, Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter, Ciara, and NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook. This joint venture focuses on the insurance and financial services needs of minorities and diverse communities.

Greg Williams Acrisure Family

What is Greg Williams’s Acrisure Net Worth?

Greg Williams Acrisure Net Worth: Greg Williams’s net worth is estimated to be around $56.5 million. The figure is based on his salary as Acrisure’s CEO and Chairman, his ownership stake in the company, and Acrisure’s recent valuation of $25 billion.

It is important to note that net worth estimates can fluctuate depending on a variety of factors, including changes in property valuations, investment decisions, and other financial activities.

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Greg Williams Acrisure Net Worth

Greg Williams Acrisure Net Worth: Greg Williams net worth is $46.5 million. This is no surprise as he is the CEO, co-founder, and chairman of one of the top 10 largest insurance brokers in the world.

Net Worth $46.5 Million
Real Name Greg Williams
Nationality American
Place of Birth Lansing, Michigan
Gender Male
Profession CEO, Co-founder, and Chairman of Acrisure
Age 60 years old
Marital Status Married
PartnerDawn Williams

Despite the 60-year-old’s Michigan roots, Williams has been a Steelers fan his entire life.
Partnering with the Steelers is the opportunity of a lifetime and a tremendous honor, Williams said in a press release.

Through AcriSure Stadium, we will raise awareness of the extraordinary benefits AcriSure provides to our customers while expressing our strong sense of community. Relatedly, we look forward to investing in the Pittsburgh community and the broader region as we set our course for an unforgettable first season.

This relationship truly symbolizes and unifies two organizations that have high standards and are committed to achieving great things.

Greg Williams Acrisure Age

Greg Williams Career

Greg Williams Acrisure Net Worth: Williams did not graduate from Michigan State, he and his family are big supporters of the Spartans. Williams and his wife, Dawn, led a $10 million groundbreaking program to support the Tom Izzo Football Building.

It serves as an extension of the United States Limited Europe’s static football facilities and includes a grand entrance, an improved football auditorium, new player lockers, a tournament main terrace, and a food and nutrition area.

We have long admired Coach Izzo and what he has accomplished at MSU and the impact he and Lupe have had on the community,” Williams said in a press release after the donation was announced. Sustaining excellence for over 25 years is a remarkable achievement and I hope everyone understands this.

It was important to us to support the football program and especially the facility that honors Tom. Plus, we like(coach Mel Tucker’s) passion and tireless mentality. Mel’s commitment to success and his sense of urgency are inspiring and are part of this gift.

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Acrisure billion dollar revenue

Greg Williams Acrisure Net Worth: With Williams help, Acrisure revenues grew from $38 million to more than $3.8 billion in less than a decade. Williams also led a $400 million transaction to buy artificial intelligence pioneer Tulco in July 2020.

Tullco is based in Pittsburgh and is owned by billionaire and Pittsburgh native Thomas Tull. However, Williams and Tull worked together long before this transaction, as the two companies formed Altway Insurance in 2019.

It always had week-on-week growth of 10% or more for 24 consecutive weeks following its launch. Williams served as vice president of Michigan National Corporation, a $19 billion bank holding company. He was also a senior MNC executive, where he managed the commercial sales and services group and chaired the corporate governance committee.


Greg Williams Acrisure Net Worth: John Porter became senior vice president and chief financial officer of Williams in January 2022. Porter previously served as Williams’ vice president, chief accounting officer, controller, and financial planning and analysis.

Porter began his career in public accounting and first joined Williams in 1998 as a supervisor of revenue accounting. In 2001 he relocated to Denver and served in various finance and accounting roles for Forest Oil Corporation, an exploration and production company.

Greg Williams Acrisure History

Porter returned to Williams in 2005, taking on roles of increasing responsibility in the finance and accounting organization, including director of investor relations, assistant controller of Williams Partners, L.P., accounting director-master limited partnership, and manager of financial reporting.

Prior to his current role, Porter served as Vice President, Enterprise Financial Planning & Analysis and Investor Relations, overseeing Williams’ forecasting and budgeting process. While also developing and managing relationships with research analysts, institutional and individual investors, and retail brokers.

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Greg Williams Acrisure Net Worth 2023, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Greg Williams owner?

Greg Williams is the co-founder, CEO, and president of Acrisure, which he started in 2005.

Who is the CEO of Willians Company?

Alan Armstrong serves as president and chief executive officer of Williams.

What is the full name of the Williams company?

For the first six decades, the company name was Williams Brothers, changing to The Williams Companies, Inc. in the 1970s. Today, we go by Williams

Who is the CFO of Williams Companies?

John Porter became Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Williams in January 2022.

Who is the CEO of Acrisure?

Greg Williams is the Chairman & CEO of Acrisure, which he co-founded in 2005. With a compounded annual growth rate of 58% since 2013, the Company has over $4 billion in revenue and has averaged more than 100 M&A transactions per year since 2017.

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