Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024, Mom Builds 7-Figure Businesses on a Budget

Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024: Brooke Riley was born on July 20, 1988, in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. She is a petite lady of 5 foot and four inches who spoke with a lovely Southern accent. She is the eldest of three. Her brother Clint is 22 months younger, and their sister Elizabeth was born when Brooke was 16 years old.

Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024

The siblings spent most of their childhood in their hometown. Brooke attended private Christian schools from 5th grade until she graduated high school in 2002. Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024 She applied to Murray State University and chose a major in public relations while her minor was in organizational communication. After completing her degree, Brooke joined the West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative.

She made it on the Forbes list of the Next 1000 of 2021. She was also recognized as a top entrepreneur by Forbes Magazine. Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024 But before Brooke Riley began her journey to success and financial freedom, she was a stressed-out working mother of two who survived from paycheck to paycheck.

NameBrooke Riley
Birth PlaceHopkinsville, Kentucky, United States
Date of BirthJuly 20, 1988
Zodiac SignCancer
Weight65 Kg
Height5 feet 4 inches
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandJonathan Jeffcoat
ChildrenGirl: Eden Grace
Boy: Blaize Griffin
CollegeMurray State University
ProfessionBusiness, Blogger, YouTuber, Business Coach, Social Media Influencer

Brooke Riley Biography

Brooke is a Native American, and her birth name is Brooke Riley. She is from Hickory, KY, United States of America. Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024 founded the hybrid DIY home decor, Re-Fabbed, and she is currently the CEO here. Re-Fabbed is an online store that gives business advice to enhance the online presence of already-made entrepreneurs as well as aspiring entrepreneurs.

This helps to grow and create more opportunities for their business. Brooke Riley Re-Fabbed is her real name. She is also known as Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024. Her nationality is Native American. Her hometown is Hickory, KY American. Brooke Riley is CEO and Founder of Re-Fabbed, a hybrid DIY home decor., travel, and lifestyle blog.

She also owns the online store Re-Fabbed and offers business advice to help other entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs grow and maximize their online presence. For more information, read the section below in the table.

Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024

Brooke Riley Net Worth

Brooke Riley Re-Fabbed actual net worth Do you know how much Brooke Riley earns each month or her salary and net worth The net worth and salary are changeable over time. We have our algorithms to calculate Brooke Riley’s net worth. In this section, we try to give you an idea of ​​ Brooke Riley’s net worth. Brooke Riley net worth is $4-12 million.

Brooke Riley net worth is an estimated rate of $4 million to 12 million. The net worth tends to change over time, which is only an estimate. We expect her net worth to fall within this range. Some selected algorithms like her assets and income have been used to calculate the estimated rate of Brooke Riley net worth.

Brooke Riley Height and Weight

If you are curious about Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024 physical attributes, we have just the information you are searching for. Brooke Riley is 5 feet 4 inches tall and she weighs approximately 65 kilograms. The weight is dynamic so a different value should not surprise you at a later time.

Brooke Riley Personal Life

Brooke met her husband, Brandon, in her senior year of college. They were engaged 10 months later. Soon after, the young couple was married. They moved to Mayfield right after. The couple struggled with infertility for many years and even suffered a miscarriage. She was diagnosed with endometriosis and underwent surgery for that. Eventually, they had their first daughter, Eden Grace, while Blaize came along 13 months later.

Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024

Brooke Riley Husband

Are you wondering if Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024 is married, engaged, or has a boyfriend? Brooke Riley is married to Jonathan Jeffcoat, a high school teacher of mathematics at Wichita Heights High School, Andover High Head XC-Coach. The two have been married for a while now and have been living together. We currently do not have information on whether they have children or not.

Brooke Riley married status

People are always interested in the personal life of celebrities. We add relationship status and affairs, hobbies, and more in this section below. We have added all your favorite personalities, things, and other Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024 related information in this section. Brooke Riley’s marital status is married to her husband, Jonathan Jeffcoat. Jonathan is a High math teacher at Wichita Heights High School, Andover High Head XC-Coach.

Marital Condition:Married
husband:Jonathan Jeffcoat

Brooke Riley Education

Did you know that Brooke comes from a devoted Christian family? She strongly believes in God, too. That’s why Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024 attended a private Christian school from 5th grade through high school. Her dedication and faith shine through everything she does. In 2002, Brooke completed her high school studies.

But her journey didn’t end there. After she finished high school, she got a spot at Murray State University to get her Bachelor’s degree. And guess what Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024 finished her college education in Public Relations and earned a Bachelor’s degree.

Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024

Brooke Riley Career Achievements

Re-Fabbed is a reflection of Brooke Riley’s journey. When she was in her late 20s, Brooke suffered a mini-stroke due to stress. Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024 She suffered from severe anxiety, and consistent burnout was slowly chipping away at her health. Brooke realized that she badly needed a career change.

Brooke resigned from her long-time, fixed-income job at West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative to focus on the blog only and follow her dream. Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024 Her employer didn’t take Brooke’s decision well and sent her by telling her that no one would take a little lady like Brooke seriously.

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Brooke Riley Re-Fabbed Channel details

Here are the details for the last two weeks, broken down by day. The lowest daily views for the period are 300. The highest daily views for the period are 500. Compared to the previous period, we have an average audience growth of 1.9% per week and a monthly growth of 7.5%.

lowest daily views period:331
highest daily views period:50k
weekly average audience growth:1.7%
monthly average audience growth:7.6%

Humble Beginnings

Initially, the blog was just a platform to share her projects online. Besides documenting her experience, Brooke wasn’t Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024 sure what else it should be for. But in time, she learned that it also served as a means to build a relationship with her readers and to gain the attention of others who share the same interests.

Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024

Brooke focused on creating email lists for subscribers and enhancing her social media following. She realized that she needed more page views if she wanted to generate income. Unfortunately, Brooke didn’t have much luck in that department then. She spent hours daily on how to make money off her blog.

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Brooke Riley’s social media profiles are about maintaining an intimate relationship with her audience. She is of the view that it is pertinent to interact consistently to keep the audience engaged. Brooke is Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024 very active on Facebook, with around 43.9K followers. The CEO has an even larger follower base on Instagram, with around 111K followers.

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Brooke also maintains a YouTube channel. She launched the channel on 18th February 2011. Presently it has 26.6K subscribers, and her videos have around 985k views. The queen of DIY also has a strong presence on Pinterest, with around 113K followers.

Final Verdict

Re-fabbed became the go-to for those who aren’t amongst the wealthiest and even the affluent for low-cost but high-quality remodeling for Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024 American households. The CEO also shares her tricks and lessons in the trade if ever you fancy taking the step in the same industry.

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More and more people, especially millennials, are thinking about how to secure and improve their private wealth. Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024 ake a page from Brooke and famous entrepreneurs. Having money to invest in your passion would make the startup easier, but financial assets are not the sole requirement to grow a business.

Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024

As Brooke believed, we only need to recognize our passion for starting something to secure more than just our finances. Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024 Ask the correct questions, like how one shares it with the world while meeting all your financial goals

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Brooke Riley Net Worth 2024, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Brooke Riley Known For?

Brooke Riley is the wealthy founder and CEO of Re-Fabbed. At the heart of her portfolios to success what her passion for decorating and redecorating on a budget. She also offers advice on business matters.

What is Re-Fabbed?

Re-Fabbed is a DIY home décor, lifestyle, and travel blog. Over time it has become an umbrella brand as Brooke runs an e-commerce store and a coaching business under the brand name as well. 

Is Brooke Riley Married?

Brooke Riley is happily married. Her husband’s name is Jonathan Jeffcoat. Further, Brooke stated that her husband was very helpful from the beginning of her business. She has his back whenever she needs him.

Brooke Riley Lives in?

Brooke Riley was born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States. She spent most of her lifetime there. But after her marriage, she moved to his husband’s hometown. And that is half an hour away from her hometown. Andnow, she lives in Mayfield, Western Kentucky.

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