Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024, 16-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who Landed A $100,000 ‘Shark Tank’

Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024:He is the founder and CEO of Nohbo LLC. People also know the name, Benjamin Stern. Benjamin Stern’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions. Today we will talk about Benjamin Stern’s Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, wife, and More. So, let’s start! 

Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024

Benjamin Stern is the founder and CEO of Nohbo LLC. He has gained the attention of the public thanks to his awareness. Benjamin Stern net worth is estimated in the millions. Let’s take a look at Benjamin Stern net worth 2024, biography, marital status, height, weight, and other related information. But firstly, let us take a quick look at Benjamin Stern net worth 2024.

Benjamin Stern Wiki

The real name of this Founder is Benjamin Stern. He is an American native. Today we write details about Benjamin Stern’s net worth, wife, age, and more. Check the next section. As mentioned earlier, Benjamin Stern is the CEO and Founder of Nohbo LLC. Benjamin Stern is a citizen of the United States. He is currently a successful CEO and Founder. Benjamin Stern net worth is estimated in the millions. 

Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024

Benjamin Stern is a Founder and CEO with a net worth of $5 million to $10 million. Benjamin Stern is a very successful Founder and CEO at this time. Unfortunately, it is just impossible to get an exact net worth, But soon, Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024 we will share with you the exact net worth of Benjamin Stern. Benjamin Stern net worth 2024 is an estimated rate of $5 million to $10 million. This is only an estimated rate and not the actual rate.

This is because we do not have access to all of Benjamin Stern’s assets. However, you can trust the actual net worth to be within the range of the estimated net worth since we have used algorithms like his income, available assets, and possible assets to calculate the estimated rate.

Net Worth in 2023$1 Million – $5 Million
Salary in 2023Under Review
Net Worth in 2022Pending
Salary in 2022Under Review
HouseNot Available
CarsNot Available
Source of IncomeSound Department

Benjamin Stern Age

Do you know how old Benjamin Stern is See the table below for birth details, such as Benjamin Stern’s age & other related information. Unfortunately, this is not much information trusted source about how old Benjamin Stern is. Very soon, we will find out his age and update this page.

Are you wondering about Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024 how old Benjamin Stern is currently As much as we would like to provide you with this information, we currently do not have details of it. We will ensure to update the page once we lay our hands on the details of the information.

Benjamin Stern Wife

Do you know if Benjamin Stern is married or unmarried? Who Is Benjamin Stern’s Wife Unfortunately, Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024 is not much information from trusted sources about who is Benjamin Stern’s wife. Do you wish to know if Benjamin Stern is married, engaged, or in a relationship? We currently do not have details of Benjamin Stern’s marital status. We will update the page with this piece of info once we have it.

WifeRay Stern (19 May 1946 – present) ( 2 children)
SiblingNot Available
ChildrenNot Available
Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024

The career of Benjamin Stern

Benjamin has established several profitable companies over the years, from e-commerce startups to real estate endeavors. He can identify opportunities and turn them into successful businesses, and his accomplishments have established him as one of the most promising young businesspeople in the nation.

In his first year of high school, Ben started Nohbo as a passion project after becoming aware of the outrageously harmful effects of most single-use plastics. Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024 In 2016, he presented Nohbo on Shark Tank and secured a contract with Mark Cuban. Ben is a passionate supporter of sustainability, and in his free time, you can see him at the beach, on a hike, or walking his dog, Leo.

Learn from Benjamin Stern

There is a lot Benjamin Stern can teach you if you’re interested in starting your own business or becoming successful in entrepreneurship. Here are just a few things you may learn from his accomplishments.

Follow Your Passion

Benjamin’s is proof of the importance of following your dreams. His passion for sustainability and social responsibility has helped him build enterprises that make a difference. He has developed his company based on his interests and beliefs.

Embrace Innovation

Because of his desire to think beyond the box, Benjamin has kept one step ahead of the competition and built truly original businesses. You must be open to innovation and exploring novel concepts if you want to succeed in today’s fast-paced world.

Focus on Social Responsibility

As Benjamin has shown, companies must do more than merely make a profit. By focusing on social responsibility and sustainability, you can create businesses that positively impact the world while also being profitable.

Taking Risks

Beginning a business always carries a certain amount of risk, but Benjamin has demonstrated that taking calculated risks may result in significant returns. You never know where they might lead you, so don’t be scared to take chances and try new things.

Build a Strong Team

No entrepreneur can succeed on their own. Benjamin has surrounded himself with a strong group of partners, mentors, and advisors who have assisted him in creating profitable businesses and overcoming the difficulties of being an entrepreneur.

Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024

CEO And Founder Of Nohbo, LLC

Ben Stern, from sunny Melbourne, Florida, made waves on his appearance with the “Sharks” back in 2016. Ben won over the panel of investors with his eco-friendly podded shampoo company, Nohbo. Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024 Ben came up with Nohbo in his 9th-grade biology class after watching a documentary on how damaging plastic bottles are to the environment.

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Seeing the detrimental effects of such a commodity on marine life horrified him. His journey in entrepreneurship began in middle school when he realized that schools were using kids to sell coffee, cookies, and wrapping paper with absolutely no financial return. The idea of cute young faces as sales reps appealed to him.

With his Bar Mitzvah money, he bought coffee at a wholesale rate from a roaster in Seattle and sold high-quality beans to the neighborhood donating a piece of the proceeds to the Wounded Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024 Warriors Project. Months later Ben was weighing offers from Barbra Corcoran, Robert Herjavec, and Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

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Robert Herjavec said, “[Nohbo] could be one of the greatest products I’ve seen on Shark Tank.” After securing a Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024 deal with Mark Cuban, Ben launched a campaign for Nohbo backed and promoted by 20 active NFL players. That following May, Ben graduated high school with honors and decided to take a few gap years.

The governor of Florida, Rick Scott, awarded Ben with the Young Entrepreneur Award in August. He has spoken at MIT, Yale, the Natural Products Expo West, and has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, and Business Insider, among others.

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Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024

Benjamin Stern, 17-year-old Founder Of Nohbo

My entrepreneurship journey began years ago in middle school when I grew upset on how schools were using kids to sell coffee, cookies, wrapping paper, etc. with absolutely no financial return. I quickly realized how innocent young faces made the best neighborhood sales reps.

From Bar Mitzvah money I saved, I bought coffee at a wholesale rate from a roaster in Seattle and went around the neighborhood selling my high-quality beans with a subscription format, and donating a Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024 piece of the proceeds to the Wounded Warriors Project. It was a lucrative first venture, but I realized that I needed a tangible idea to breach beyond the gates of the neighborhood and make a difference. 

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Benjamin Stern, Natural Products Industry

excites me is the infinite possibilities the natural products sector has to offer. Just a few years ago, the industry was confined to age-old limitations, with very little innovation in the field. With new science and possibilities, Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024, and most importantly, consumer demand for cleaner, greener, and healthier products, the sudden change has invigorated this space and transformed it into something really special and exciting.

This will catalyze for Nohbo to expand throughout the space. I thought of Nohbo, the first thing that came to mind was finding a way to protect the idea, so I found family friends to help file initial Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024 provisional patents and assist with other legal jargon. Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024 They committed $20,000 in pro bono services to help progress Nohbo in its infancy.

Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024


In conclusion, Benjamin Stern is a name that every businessperson, investor, and person with an interest in business should be aware of. Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024 He is currently one of the corporate world’s most promising young entrepreneurs due to his distinctive business philosophy, creative ideas, and dedication to social responsibility.

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Benjamin Stern Net Worth 2024, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Benjamin Stern’s net worth?

Benjamin Stern net worth is about $5 million to $10 million

Who is Benjamin Stern?

Benjamin Stern is the founder and CEO of Nohbo LLC.

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