Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024, The Lonely Journey of the Nation’s Best Black Bull-Rider

Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024:Texas-born professional bull rider Ezekiel Mitchell has been creating quite a stir in the rodeo community with his amazing feats. He was born in Baytown, Texas, on September 24, 1996, his birthday. Since he was very young, Ezekiel has been infatuated with riding bulls, and he has always wanted to compete at the highest level.

Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024

When he was just 19 years old, he turned professional and started competing in rodeos throughout the United States of America. His skill rapidly attracted the interest of both onlookers and other riders as he consistently produced high scores against some of the most potent bulls in the area.

Despite the many challenges he faced along the way, such as injuries and setbacks, Ezekiel never gave up on his dream. He is now regarded as one of the sport of bull riding’s most promising young stars. He is recognized Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024 for his lack of fear and unflinching determination to succeed regardless of the situation.

Ezekiel enjoys spending time with his friends and family behind the scenes when he isn’t competing or training. In addition, he enjoys hunting or fishing whenever he has the chance, which helps him stay grounded amid the excitement surrounding his professional bull rider career.

Full NameEzekiel Mitchell
Given NameEzekiel
Family NameMitchell
OccupationBull Rider
CountryUnited States

The Ezekiel Mitchell biography

Ezekiel Mitchell, a professional bull rider who started his career in the sport, was born in Texas on January 16, 1996. Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024 His early years were spent in Baytown, where he also learned to ride bulls at 14. Ezekiel has been fascinated by bull riding since he was a little child and has decided to turn his pastime into a career.

Ezekiel began his career as a bull rider in the professional circuit after finishing high school. He achieved enough success in 2017 to take home the PRCA Xtreme Bulls Tour Championship and receive Rookie of the Year recognition from the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024

Ezekiel’s success persisted even when he was taking part in Professional Bull Riders (PBR) competitions. He won the Billings Invitational for the first time in 2019 and did it with an exceptional score of 91 points Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024 on Smooth Operator. Since then, Ezekiel has made a name for himself as one of the most skilled riders on the tour.

Net Worth$1 million 
Real NameEzekiel Mitchell
ProfessionBull Rider
Date of BirthMarch 8, 1997
Marital StatusNo Info
Height5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight76 Kilograms

Ezekiel is highly renowned for his athletic prowess, dedication to helping others, and passion for Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024 giving back to the neighborhood where he resides. He founded The Ezekiel Mitchell Foundation intending to offer youth athletes interested in pursuing careers in rodeo or other sports financial aid through scholarships.

Ezekiel Mitchell’s life biography indicates that he is a talented athlete and a kind individual who has significantly improved his community through his charity endeavors.

Ezekiel Mitchell Wife & Girlfriend

Do you know who is Ezekiel Mitchell wife or he dating anyone don’t have this information from any trusted source. Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024 There Is not much information about Ezekiel Mitchell’s wife or girlfriend from Trusted Sources. We are ensuring that we find out who his wife is and update this page very soon.

Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024

Ezekiel Mitchell Age, Height, and Weight

Mitchell was born in 1997, making him 26 years old in 2023. He weighs 70 kg and stands 6 feet tall, according to his profile on the Professional Bull Rider website.

Real NameEzekiel Mitchell
ProfessionProfessional Bull Rider
Net Worth$1 million
Age27 (as of August, 2024)
Height6 feet
Weight70 kg
Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024

Early Life

An Afro-American bull rider, Ezekiel Mitchell, was born into a large family of 11 siblings on March 8, 1997, in Baytown, Texas. Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024 During his early years, things were hard, as he had to navigate between his mother’s place near Houston and his dad’s home in Rockdale after his parents’ divorce.

Mitchell became passionate about rodeo activities at a young age after watching YouTube videos on how to ride bulls, despite his family’s objections because they thought it was a risky activity.

However, his desire to learn more and explore the rodeo world outweighed any fear that others may have tried to instill in him, and as such he started practicing homemade bucking barrels and a mechanical bull. He then started to compete at Hill College in Texas and won his first title in 2015.

Mitchell had a horse named Two Socks when he was 12 years old. His cousin had given it to him for his birthday. Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024 This gift could be one of the reasons Mitchell developed a passion for rodeo activities.

Educational Background

There is not much information on Michell’s educational background. According to information on his Facebook page, though, he studied at Hill College.

Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024

Professional Life

Ezekiel Mitchell channels his passion for rodeo activities into aiming to get the Professional Bull Riders world title and Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024 enough money to get his family out of poverty. At age 16, Ezekiel Mitchell rode his first real bull, competed in local rodeos, and won his first title in 2015. 

In 2018, a self-proclaimed real estate mogul based in North Carolina, Max Maxwell, spotted Ezekiel Mitchell in a documentary TV series, VICE, and took an interest in Mitchell’s rodeo career, becoming his agent and main sponsor.

Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024 Later, a filmmaker and photographer, Dave Harding, joined the group to strengthen Mitchell’s reputation and land endorsement arrangements for Mitchell’s financial security. Mitchell made his Professional Bull Riders (PBR) league debut in 2018 and became a rookie sensation in 2019.

As of August 2023, he is currently ranked 29th in the PBR league with 245 points, and his goal is to become the first Afro-American champion since Charlie Sampson in 1982. Beyond bull riding, Ezekiel Mitchell is a media celebrity who wants to dispel misconceptions about cowboys

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Bull Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024 riding and inspire more people to adopt the Western lifestyle. He has appeared on Fox & Friends, Good Morning America, and a Snapchat docuseries called Life By The Horns, which spotlights his life and career.

The Ezekiel Mitchell Career

Several standout successes and significant turning points have marked Ezekiel Mitchell’s career. In Texas, Ezekiel was born and raised, and at 18, he decided to become a professional bull rider. He made a name for himself as a formidable competitor on the rodeo circuit in a short period, winning several matches and medals.

Ezekiel, the youngest rider in the competition’s history, qualified for the Professional Bull Riders World Finals in 2018. He won his first PBR contest the following year, held in Tacoma, Washington. Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024 In every competition he participates in, Ezekiel proves he is a strong foe, and the outcomes speak for themselves.

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Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024

Despite the enormous challenges he has faced during his career, including injuries received as a consequence of falls that occurred while he was riding bulls, Ezekiel has continued to remain focused on achieving his goals. Given his continued success, it is evident that he has committed himself to becoming better at what he does as a professional bull rider.

As long as Ezekiel Mitchell competes in the international rodeo riding arena, it will be amazing to see what new heights Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024 achieves in an already remarkable career. He has already succeeded in doing this.

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Social Media Presence

Ezekiel Mitchell is very active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. He interacts with followers and shares information about his life and career.

Love Ezekiel Mitchell

Ezekiel Mitchell, a remarkable Bull Rider from the United States, has made a significant mark in the industry. Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024 Born in the United States, Ezekiel Mitchell has risen to become one of the most influential figures in the field of Bull Rider.

In the United States, Ezekiel Mitchell is known for pushing the boundaries of Bull Rider, and their influence extends far beyond national borders, impacting the Bull Rider scene worldwide. Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024 This international acclaim is a testament to Ezekiel Mitchell’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in their craft.

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Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024

Final Verdict

Despite objections from his family about his choice of sport, with support from Max Maxwell and Dave Harding, Mitchell excelled at rodeo, winning competitions and courting the attention of partners and sponsors–a feat that Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024 has now earned him a $1 million valuation as of 2023.

The remarkable story of Ezekiel Mitchell, who overcame a difficult childhood to become a well-known bull rider, demonstrates determination and ambition.

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Ezekiel Mitchell Net Worth 2024, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How old is Ezekiel Mitchell?

He is currently 25 years old.

How much is Ezekiel Mitchell net worth?

Ezekiel Mitchell net worth is $1 million.

Ezekiel Mitchell’s birthday?

Ezekiel Mitchell’s birthday is on March 8.

Where is Ezekiel Mitchell from?

He is from the United States.

What team is Eli Vastbinder on?

Injuries carried over to the second season in 2023, and the Freedom traded Vastbinder to the Ariat Texas Rattlers in September in exchange for 22-year-old Dawson Gleaves. “We are excited to have the youth and fire Dawson brings to bull riding,” said Freedom head coach Cord McCoy at the time.

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