Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024, “Bookit Sports will set new standards in the sports betting industry”

Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024: The real name of this CEO is Trent Attyah. He has over 35.9K followers on Instagram. He is an American native. Trent’s hometown is Newport Beach, California, United States. Today we write details about Trent Attyah net worth 2024, wife, age, and more. Check the next section. Trent Attyah is said to be a famous American TikToker and sports lover.

Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024

The estimated Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024 is estimated to be nearly $5 million. The main reason for his fame is Bookit Sports Inc., Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024 as he is the CEO of Bookit Sports Inc. Through this post, he has earned a lot of money, which is the solid reason for his high net worth. He founded Bookit Sports and gained too much fame and money through it. The reason for founding Bookit Sports was to revolutionize sports betting.

Trent Attyah’s other source of earnings is his TikTok account, as he has a huge fan following on TikTok. On this account, he used to post different kinds of videos related to sports. Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024 He is an American national as he was born in Newport Beach, California, USA. If you are eager to know more about Trent Attyah, just read the article completely. It is gonna be very interesting to read about Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024 and complete biography.

Real NameTrent Attyah
Date of BirthAug 6, 1998
Place of BirthNewport Beach, California, United States
Profession/Job TitleCEO & Founder
Associated WithBookIt Sports
BookIt Sports HQCalifornia, Usulutan, El Salvador
Age26 as of 2024
Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024

Trent Attyah Net Worth

As you have read Trent Attyah is the CEO of Bookit Sports Inc., and this is the major source of his income. He has made an app to connect all betting communities and enhance this sort of business. He also use to post content based on sports on websites as Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024 well as other social media sources such as TikTok, etc. Thus, Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024 is too high to imagine. For more details about Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024, just read the below table.

Net Worth 2024$5 Million(Approx)
Monthly Salary$100K
Annual Salary$300 K
Age in 202426 Years
Born: August 6, 1998
Country of Origin:United States of America
ProfessionCEO of Bookit Sports, TikToker

Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024

You have already read about Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024, but still, there is a question of what was the economic condition in his early few years. Before he got famous in his career, he also had to struggle and face difficulties like other people. Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024 After he founded Bookit Sports, his life changed completely, and he became a famous personality in America. Let’s read his last five years’ net worth in the below table.

Net Worth in 2022$7.7Million
Net Worth in 2021$7.1 Million
Net Worth in 2020$6.5 Million
Net Worth in 2019$6.2 Million
Net Worth in 2018$5.8 Million

Trent Attyah Biography

Trent Attyah is an American-born personality and a TikTok star. He came into being in Newport Beach, California, USA, and was raised there. He was born on August 6, 1998, and currently, he is 25 years old. It is still amazing to read how he gained too much success and fame at this stage of life when others are still struggling to get out of the mark. Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024, He is a very young man as his age defines him. He is quite tall and handsome as well. Please, read the below table for more information about Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024, and full biography.

Real NameTrent Attyah
NicknameTrent Attyah
Age26 Years

Trent Attyah Wife

It is a very common question asked by the fans and followers of Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024 whether he is married or not. For your information, still we don’t have any sort of news related to his marriage. But soon we will provide you with all possible info about his marriage life as well as other personal life. So, stay updated.

Trent Attyah Biography

Trent Attyah Parents

Unfortunately, we failed to collect information about his relationships such as the names of his parents and siblings. Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024, The reason is that he never shared any info regarding his family relationships. We are trying a bit hard to know about his personal life, and you will be updated soon.


Trent Attyah Age

You should know that Trent Attyah was born on August 6, 1998. And according to his date of birth, he will be 26 years old by the year 2024. Hence, Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024 will celebrate his birthday on August 6, 2024. You can see in his photos that he is very young and dashing because he is at a young age. 

See the table below for birth details, such as Trent Attyah’s age & other related information. Unfortunately, at this time, We have no info about Trent Attyah age, but we ensure that we will find out how old he is Trent attach and update this section very soon.


Trent Attyah Height & Weight

When we see his physical attributes, he is very handsome and young. He has good physical attributes that make him look very dashing and confident. He is nearly 5 feet and 9 inches tall, which suits him very well. On the other hand, he has a normal body weight as well. He weighs about 73 kg and this shows that he is quite healthy and less careful about his diet.

Height:5 feet 9 inches
Weight:73 kg

Early Life & Career

Before he founded Bookit Sports, he passed many stages of life to reach this career achievement. He went to Texas Christian University for his studies. Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024 Later, he made himself able to host a Surgical Stream on Twitch. Instead of this, he has worked as a production assistant for Fox Sports since October 2018. After this, he started opening the door of opportunities as he gained experience as an original content intern for NFL Media.


Trent Attyah gained a lot of fan following throughout the start of his career. His fan following increased very much when he created a TikTok account to publish sports betting guidelines. Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024 His words were worth to many people, and they were the reason for his fame. These days, Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024 is very high, and it is due to his fans and followers as well.

Trent Attyah is the CEO of Bookit Sports Inc.


Rare Facts About Trent Attyah’s Life

It will be interesting for you to read about the facts of Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024 and life listed below. Read and enjoy.

  • Trent Attyah is the CEO and Founder of Bookit Sports
  • He came into being on August 6, 1998
  • He is an American national
  • The collected Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024 is more than five million dollars
  • He is nearly 5 feet and 9 inches long
  • He is twenty-five years old
  • He is a TikTok star as well
  • His hometown is Newport Beach, California, USA


So, you read about the famous personality named Trent Attyah, who is very famous throughout America. We tried to keep things a bit easier for our readers, and if you find any difficulty or mistake, just comment to us and be a part of our best audiences.

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Trent Attyah Net Worth 2024, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Trent Attyah do?

My name is Trent Attyah. I am a young entrepreneur finishing up my last year of undergraduate school at TCU, and I am the CEO/Founder of Bookit. Bookit is a sports betting social media platform that connects the global gambling community to one central hub.

Who is booking it with Trent?

Trent Attyah is a TikTok star and one of the co-founders of BookIt Sports

Will Trent book a girlfriend?

Sara Linton is now an Atlanta resident, where she is the medical examiner at the GBI, and the girlfriend of Will Trent, who is an investigator with the GBI. Sara, however, was once a resident of Grant County, when she was married to the Chief of Police, Jeffrey Tolliver, before he was murdered.

Will Trent’s book love interest?

As book fans know, aside from Angie, Will Trent’s most prominent love interest in the books is Sara Linton. Sara isn’t introduced until the third book, Undone, but once she comes onto the scene, it’s over for Will.

Who is Will Trent’s ex-wife?

Sara Linton joined her lover, agent Will Trent, on the payroll of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, everything’s been fine, except of course for Will’s uneasy sense that Angie Polaski, the long-estranged wife he just can’t get around to divorcing, will never let him alone.

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