Disco Dean Net Worth 2024, Facts To Know About The Street Outlaws Star

Disco Dean Net Worth: Disco Dean is a professional street racer who has made a few appearances on Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws. He may be relatively new to the show but he’s far from a novice when he gets behind the wheel.

Disco Dean Net Worth

The earliest time he started drag racing was in 2002. His father, who is an enthusiast like him, showed him the ropes of drag racing. He offered to race with his best friend Gabe Torch after his passing, leading to a greater father-son bond.

Dean won a few races here and there until he discovered No Prep Street Racing and jumped right into it. Disco Dean has made a name and legacy for himself. Without letting anything stop him, he went after his childhood dream and today he is one of the most successful drag car racers.

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Who is Disco Dean?

A nickname he shares with his father, Disco Dean is a popular name in the world of drag racing. He is not only a successful car racer but, he is also a reality TV star. Disco Dean is a native of America, he was born in Fairborn, Ohio, United States. He got involved in drag racing and had a career of almost 18 years in drag racing.

His favorite car is his Stinky Pink which he built himself by sourcing its parts from different countries of the world. Disco Dean comes from a family of race car lovers, so it’s no surprise that he grew up to be a car racer. It was reported that even when his mother was pregnant she would go to watch car races.

Disco Dean Net Worth

Disco Dean is a professional car racer and also a reality TV star, having been featured in a few episodes of the TV series Outlaws. Through his dedication to his art, Disco Dean has made a fortune for himself and Disco Dean currently has a net worth of $2 million. His major source of income is his profession as a professional car racer.

Disco Dean Early Life and Family

Top songs by Disco Dean Net worth

Are you excited to know the most popular songs of Disco Dean? The success of the Disco Dean album shows just how talented he is. His music has attracted listeners around the world and remains popular today. Their song “Disco Inferno” is universally recognized as a defining sound of the disco period. With Earth, Wind & Fire in 1979, “Boogie Wonderland” quickly became a global phenomenon and remains one of disco Dean Neworth’s best-known songs today.

This groovy song was a worldwide hit and is still frequently played on the radio today. There were also several hit singles, including “Let’s Groove Tonight” and “Get Down on It”. These uplifting club jams helped cement Dean’s Neworth legacy as a great musician. The catchy rhythms and funky beats have had a lasting impact on the music business.

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Disco Dean Real Name

Disco Dean’s real name is Dean Carnes but he is popularly known as Disco Dean, a nickname he shares with his father. According to him, his father was called Disco because he used to dance a lot in the 1960s and 70s, Dean Carnes is also fond of dancing. According to her, her favorite dance move is “Cabbage Patch”.

Disco Dean Early Life and Family

Born Dean Carnes Jr. in Fairborn, Ohio on January 12, 1975, Disco Dean proudly carries on his father’s legacy. His father, who was nicknamed Disco for his dance moves in the 1960s and 70s, passed his love of dance and racing on to his son. Growing up in a family of racing enthusiasts, it’s no surprise that Dean took up car racing.

Disco Dean Married Life

Disco Dean Religion & Nationality

Born under the Capricorn zodiac sign and of Caucasian ethnicity and raised in the United States, he is a native American citizen

Disco Dean Married Life

Disco Dean is a married man, his wife’s name is Jackie Carnes. Both of them got married on 7 January 2007. The couple has a beautiful daughter named Kylie Faith Carnes.

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Disco Dean Height& Weight

Disco Dean is a sturdy handsome man, it is only natural for people to be curious about his body features. He is 5 feet and 11 inches tall.

Disco Dean Age

Disco Dean is 48 years old he was in Fairborn Ohio on 12th January 1975.

Disco Dean Wife

Disco Dean is married, Disco Dean’s wife is Jackie Carns and Disco Dean’s daughter is Kylie Faith Carns.

Marital StatusMarried
WifeJackie Karns (m. 2007)
DaughterKylie Faith Karns

Car Racing Career

Disco Dean journey began in 2005 when he joined the professional drag car racing scene at the age of 30. Over the course of 18 years, he won several championships, including the 2016 Spring Fling and the 2015 Winter Series, earning $20,000 and $12,000, respectively. His dedication ignited at the age of 14 when he took up remote-controlled car racing before transitioning to professional drag racing.

Dean began performing in local establishments, but his career only took off when he met his future manager. His management saw Dean’s potential, so they booked him at more prominent venues, which led to several record deals and, ultimately, Disco Dean’s rise to fame. Their first single, “Boogie Wonderland” was a major success, and cemented their position in disco history by reaching number one.

Disco Dean Wife

In the 70s and 80s, Dean produced many hit songs for musicians, including Donna Summer and The Bee Gees. He was the star of a disco-themed TV program called “Disco Inferno”. Despite criticism from many who saw disco as a fad, Disco Dean was able to deliver chart-topping tunes that were characteristic of the period. His famous music is still played at festivals around the world. The story of Disco Dean’s rise from playing in a local bar to international superstardom is a testament to the power of dedication and perseverance.

Signature Stinky Pinky Car

The centerpiece of Disco Dean’s racing career is his iconic Stinky Pinky car. In particular, his supercharged 1986 Chevrolet Camaro, named Stinky Pinky Three, stands out. Powered by a powerful 557 cubic-inch big-block Chevrolet engine, this car symbolizes their commitment to making a mark in car racing.

Disco Dean is an American race car driver and reality television star. He is best known for his appearance on Street Outlaws, a reality TV show on Discovery. Disco Stinky Pinky Three, the owner of a 1986 Chevy Camaro and also the founder of the car race team Team Pinky.

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Top 5 Facts about Disco Dean

  1. Disco started running at the age of 14. Disco Dean became a professional R/C Care Racer at the age of 14. He traveled across North America and abroad and won state, regional, and national championships. His early career exploits made him a three-time Lowrider Magazine World Champion Hydraulic Car Dancer. When he turned 16, he got a sponsor called Team Losi for 1/10 scale offroad.

The sponsor also sent him to Japan to participate in the IFMAR World Championships. Dean also spent much of his childhood practicing drag racing as he grew up near a drag strip. Since then, he gained enough experience and qualified number one and won every race of the 2008 Nopi season in Extreme Dragster.

  1. His father is a car drag racer Disco Dean’s father encouraged him to get involved in drag racing because he lived near a drag strip when he was younger. But his father, Dean Carnes Sr., has been a drag racer for more than 50 years. He has worked for the NHRA and was an E/Modified national record holder. Additionally, Dean’s father has considerable experience in drag racing and has been a part of his son’s racing team on several occasions.
  2. Disco has the same surname as his father. The star and her father, Dean Carnes Sr., have a lot in common. For example, they are both race car drivers and have won multiple drag racing championships. Furthermore, both are golfers and gamblers. But one surprising thing they share is their nickname, Disco.
car racing
  1. Carnes has been racing professionally since 2005 Where does Disco Dean work? Dean’s profession is car racing. Although he started racing remote-controlled cars at the age of 14, he became involved in drag racing in 2005. Since then, he has maintained this profession and has 17 years of experience as a racer. But before he started drag racing, he had his first car in 2003, known as the Shirley Muldowney Special.
  2. He has driven many different race cars, many know Disco for driving a supercharged 1966 Chevelle named Stink Pinky Three powered by a 557 cubic-inch and Roots-supercharged big-block Chevrolet. Since becoming a drag racer, he has also driven many cars. She got her first race car in 2003 named Shirley Muldowney Special.

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Disco Dean Net Worth Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Disco Dean Net worth?

Disco Dean net worth is $2 million.

How old is Disco Dean?

He is currently 47 years old.

Who is Disco Dean?

Disco Dean is a race car driver and reality television star.

Who is Disco Dean wife?

Disco Dean Wife Is Jackie Karns (m. 2007).

Does Disco Dean live in?

Fairborn, Ohio, United States.

What does Disco Dean do for a living?

He is a professional race car driver and reality television star.

Is Disco Dean married?

He married in 2007, Disco Dean Wife Is Jackie Karns.

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