Britney Spears Marries Sam Asghari

The pop star singer Britney Spears has married to her long-term boyfriend and fiancé Sam Asghari. The ceremony took place at a Southern California. Britney & Sam Met with each other during October 2016.

The two met at slumber party music video and their number got exchange.  the pop princess said during a 2017 radio interview that This guy is really cute, “So then I called him, and ever since then, he is just a really fun, funny person.”

At the time of new year in 2017 Britney Spears shared their photos on Instagram and made it official. Their after during July 2019 the two debut was seen Once Upon a Time in Hollywood premiere.

There after in September 2021 the couple got engaged. Britney shared this news on her Instagram account.

Just after this Britney Spears got free from Conservatorship during November 2021. She got free from the 13 years of Conservatorship after the judge set her free.

The couple have been together since 2016 , during all ups and downs of each others life. During April 2022 Pop Star Britney Spears Announces that she was pregnant. Both of them shared their happiness on their Instagram account.

But Britney Spears during may 2022 announces that she had miscarriage. The two got married around nine months after they engaged and around seven months since Britney’s Conservatorship over.

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