Frecka Family and Car Collection: Triple F Collection Net Worth 2024

Frecka Family: Triple F Collection is a Private family-owned collection of daily-driven hypercars that has a net worth of over $60 million. It is a business of fabricating custom vehicles and restoring classic cars that were founded by the Frecka Family.

Triple F Collection Net Worth

The Triple F Collection is a God and Family First collection of cars. The Frecka Family is the Triple F Collection Owner. Triple F Collection is a massive collection of the world’s top tier 60 luxurious and gracious sought-after or means hypercars. The Frecka Family owner of Triple F Collection Net Worth is over $60 million.

  • Net Worth 2023: $60 million
  • Monthly Income: $500K
  • Annual Salary: $6.5 Million
  • Owner: Frecka Family
  • Company Name: The Triple F Collection LLC

The Triple F Collection

The car collections are also displayed at the Cleveland Auto Show. It is a full-service automotive part, restoration, and sales facility devoted to automotive service preservation. The staff and workers are very experienced and experts in this field.

The owners held a car collection show, the Cleveland Auto Show in 2020. The family showed only five cars out of their 60 magnificent cars, including a blue-colored Bugatti Chiron 2018.

Frecka family Charitable Efforts of Triple F Collection

They cooperatively work with their clients to make certain high quality and standard of output and harmonize the budget. They are capable of fabricating custom cars from computer-generated designs. Some of the Triple F Collection are given below;

  • McLaren P1. 04/08/2022 27 20
  • McLaren Sabre. 04/10/2022 16 11
  • McLaren 675LT. 05/10/2022 7 10
  • Pagani Huayra Roadster BC. 19/07/2022 15 9
  • Pagani Huayra BC. 05/10/2022 37 47
  • Ford GT 2019. 04/10/2022 6 6
  • Koenigsegg Regera. 13/09/2022 15 16
  • Bugatti Chiron Super Sport. 04/10/2022 2 2

Frecka family Charitable Efforts of Triple F Collection

The Frecka family got associated with the Foundation in order to raise charities. They want to be of significance via charities. This allowed them to contribute their enthusiasm for cars to those people who are also enthusiastic about cars.

Triple F Collection Ohio: They are using their several exotic cars including Lamborghini to enhance $ 500k for charities located in Ohio. He claimed that his ambition is to broaden their aims and objectives beyond Ohio and donate $10 million to various other non-profit organizations that aid in switching the world for the better.

Important Facts About The Triple F Collection

Important Facts About The Triple F Collection

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