Frecka Family 2024, Hypercars Fuel Ohio Family’s Charitable Efforts

Frecka Family 2024: After 25 years of blood, sweat, and tears in the Plastic Manufacturing business, the Frecka Family decided to leave the industry for good, selling off the family business to grow closer together, giving back, and maybe having a bit of fun.

Frecka Family

Faith, Frecka Family & Philanthropy

Dave, Jason & Jordan all share an incredible passion for the automotive industry which led to the creation of The Triple F Collection

The Triple F Collection name or “Triple F” for short derives from their last name of Frecka, hence the “F” in Triple F. The Frecka family is focused on sharing their experiences with high-end performance vehicles with the community through philanthropy and social media.

Meet the Team

Jordan Frecka

Also known as The Ringleader

When Jordan was a child, he often reflected on the time he saw a supercar in the middle of nowhere in Ohio. His father Dave said he stood there for over an hour just staring at it, examining it, knowing that he likely won’t ever see one again. At the age of just 19, Jordan was pulled out of college to run one of the plants at the family business. He spent those years thinking of how to share his passion for super and hypercars and after selling the business, Jordan went to his brother Jason and father Dave to create The Triple F Collection. Jordan is the father of 4 boys besides his wife Ashley.

Dave Frecka

Jason Frecka

Also known as The Landscaper

Jason might be the older of the brothers, but his passion & energy for his hobbies might convince you otherwise. Jason spent over 15 years working alongside his father helping grow the business to what it is today. Once the business was sold, he like Jordan wanted to find a way to stay connected with his family while having a unique version of fun. While Jason might not have all the details of the automotive industry memorized, he shows his passion behind the wheel. Jason is the father of 6 children blended between him and his wife Megan

Dave Frecka

Also known as BDD (Big Daddy Dave)

David Frecka once saw an ad in the newspaper for a job making trash bags. Shortly after learning the industry, he decided he could learn the ropes, cut no corners, and do it better! After 25 years making plastic with his family working beside him, he sold the business to pursue his passion, high-end performance vehicles. Dave loves spending time with his family and there’s no better way to do that than to give back to the automotive community. Dave is the father to 4 children besides his wife Brenda.

Jordan Frecka

Brice Milleson


Unrelated to the family, yet still often gets mistaken for Dave’s son. Brice has been with the team since the beginning. He’s been creating media content for over 15 years and has a long history in the action sports world before aiming his attention at the automotive industry. Brice works as the one and only Camera Operator alongside a team of Remote Editors (GoldenPeaks Productions) to create Video content for us weekly. He also manages all Merchandise production and sales.

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