Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard : Who Will be in Prison

As the defamation lawsuit had completed its testimony for six weeks of time both the parties got around 61 hours each to give their testimony and present their witness before the court.

Both the side throughout the trials have been seen blaming each other for sexual and domestic Violence. both sides presented their photo ,video proof as well as there were many Hollywood insiders which took part in the trial from both the side throughout the trial period.

Now the court has ended after the closing argument ,which took place on Friday 27. for the closing argument both the parties have been given two hours of time. As the court got dismissed on Friday for three days long weekend. Now fans are wondering what will be the verdict .

As this is a civil case in which none of the two sides are accused of any criminal charge , so whoever wins the trial after the verdict comes the losing party will not go to prison surely in this case.

The seven member jury in the case will give their verdict on 31 May ,Tuesday. The verdict of the defamation lawsuit could came in favour of any of the side. Whoever wins in this defamation law suit the loosing side will have to pay the damaging or clamming amount to the other party.

If the verdict comes in favour of Johnny Depp then Amber Heard will pay him $50 M there may be another situation in which jury may reduce this claiming amount.

Similarly if the verdict comes in favour of Amber Heard then Johnny Depp will pay her the damaging amount which may be reduced by the jury.

Imprisonment is given only in case of a criminal case. A criminal case is one in which the any one the one or both the side has accused the other side for any of the criminal charge which may include murder ,robbery or any such criminal activity.

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