Johnny Depp’s Performance With Jeff Beck Post Trial

As past few weeks have been tough for Johnny Depp ,due to his defamation case which is going on at Fairfax County , Virginia which has started on 11 April 2022.

Since then the couple ,Johnny Depp and his ex wife Amber Heard have been in the news. Johnny Depp had sued his ex wife Amber Heard with $50 M claiming that her Washington op-ed which she wrote in 2018 where she mentioned herself as “Survivor of domestic abuse” defamed him.

While Amber Heard countersuit Johnny Depp with $100 M claiming that Depp’s team defamed her By saying that I have created “domestic violence Hoax”. Trials for the defamation case has ended on Friday 27. As there was three day long weekend. As the defamation trial is on jury deliberation from friday.

The final verdict for the defamation trial will come on this Tuesday 31.

Just After the trial ended ,Johnny Depp was seen performing with Jeff back on “Isolation”. He made this surprise appearance at Sheffield on Sunday night. Although his fans got the information from his social media post.

After his performance video got on internet his fans are appreciating him for doing what he love the most, everyone knows that Johnny Depp started his career as musician only he got fame as the band as well during his early life. Now watching him playing guitar and singing made his fans overwhelmed.

Jeff Beck is currently on his European tour. Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp has sung John Lennon’s song “Isolation” for which the two have collaborated as well during 2020.

Johnny Depp has got immense love from his fans throughout the trials on social media ,they have supported him for six weeks of trials ,according to court of public Johnny and His Legal team has already assumed that he has already won the lawsuit.

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