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The Chemistry Between Jason Momoa & Amber Heard

The current court trials of defamation lawsuits between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is ongoing with its trials. the verdict of the lawsuit will probably come on May 27.

During the testimony of the case in one of the court proceeding Johnny Depp’s attorney , Camille Vasquez said that Amber Heard got his Aquaman role due to suggestion of Johnny Depp.

Now on May 23, During the case trial at Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia, Kathryn Arnold former producer and current entertainment industry consultant testifies in support of Aquaman girl , Amber Heard .

Kathryn Arnold said Amber Heard was almost cut from Aquaman-2 due to her dispute with Johnny Depp, she added she got her job in the second sequel of Aquaman.

Only because of Jason Momoa and director James Wan they have committed to Heard for the role in the second sequel and were adamant ,on Heard being in the film.

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while testifying on Monday Kathryn Arnold her role from Aquaman 2 was “radically reduced”, but now Amber Heard’s character, Mera in the film will going to have “strong romantic arc” and some action sequence as well.

Amber Heard was trained for 5 hours daily for several months for her role in the second sequel during this she got to know about her role was cut from most of the movie from a costume designer .

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Kathryn Arnold also said Jason Momoa after the success of Aquaman-1 renegotiated his salary from the team from $3 Million to $ 15 Million for the second part of the movie.

She also added that the red head girls , Heard should also have renegotiated for the second sequel of the Aquaman from $2 Million to $6 Million.

as $2 million was there in the first contract but she did not got this upscale due to her Negative Image because of the dispute between the two.

She also added that the Hollywood likes the work of the Amber Heard but didn,t want to work with her due to Heard’s Negative Reputation.

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Arnold said that Amber Heard could have made $4 Million per movie over past Five years and would have reached upto $20 Million.

Heard’s overall loss during this time is about $ 45 Million to $50 Million. she might have endorsed few more advertising deals just like Loreal’s Paris which gave her $1.5 Million.



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