Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard : Timeline

The defamation trials between the famous Pirates of the Caribbean actor and musician Johnny Depp and his Ex wife is the talk of the town currently.

The both talented actors met on the set of a movie named “The Rum Diary” in which both of them played the role of loved one for each other. The film was released during 2011.

They were dating since 2009 and got married during 2015 in an closed event with family and friends. They both were doing great with their respective careers as well.

Johnny Depp got fame worldwide with his 90s blockbusters but Pirates of the Caribbean became the game changer for him. Johnny Depp’s most liked and watched movie throughout the world. Each sequel of the film pirates of the Caribbean has earned around $ 650 Million.

The first sequel of pirates of the Caribbean was released during 2003 and he worked continuously for all of the sequel. According to few reports one of the sequel of pirates of the Caribbean “Dead Men Tell No tales” after some time has became 50th highest earning movie of all the time.

But towards the end of 2016 the two, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp got separated. And took divorce.

The current case has started due to a post written by Amber Heard. The Washington 2018 po-ed written by Heard in which she publicly represented herself as ” a public figure Survivor of domestic abuse”.

On this post Johnny Depp has sued Amber Heard for defamation amount $50 Million claiming that due to this post he has lost a lot of work from the industry as the statement defamed him publicly.

Amber Heard countersued Johnny Depp with $100 Million claiming that his legal team’s statement about me calling me liar and I have created this hoax, have created trouble for me. She claimed that due her career got affected as it starts to rise after Aquaman.

Now the trials for the defamation case was ended with the closing statement from the legal team of both the sides. The jury may give their verdict on the high profile defamation trials on this Tuesday. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the verdict.

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