Conbody Net Worth 2024, Coss Marte’s CONBUD Dispensary Is Coming To NYC

Conbody Net Worth 2024: When Cos Marte walks around the Lower East Side of New York City, he barely takes five steps when he is stopped by someone he knows. People come out of the bodega corner to catch him, get off their bikes to say hello, or just give a gentle nod as he passes by.

Conbody Net Worth

Marte was raised by a single mother who worked in a factory and struggled to support her family on her low wages. They lived below the poverty line, he said and were envious of the things that people around them had.

The people on the block had chains, money, clothes, and everything I wanted that my mother couldn’t give me,” he recalled. So as a kid, the people I looked up to were drug dealers.

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Conbody Career

By the time he was 19, he was running a multi-million dollar drug distribution business, and making more money than he knew about. He was last arrested in 2009 at the age of 23 and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

This was later reduced to seven, of whom he eventually had to serve only four. But today, Marte heads a very different kind of business: a fitness company called ConBody, a “prison-style” boot camp run and taught by formerly incarcerated people.

Frustrated by the difficulties he faced finding employment after being released from prison, Marte wanted to help other formerly incarcerated people make a living. He wanted to create an environment where they could be themselves and not have to hide their records.

Conbody Founder Net Worth

So, inspired by her own fitness journey, she started Conbody. The workout routine uses the same bodyweight exercises that Marte did in his cell while he was in prison. A fun part of being a columnist at Forbes is discovering extraordinary new people who are doing epic work.

One guy who popped up on my radar recently is Cos Marte. Coss grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and traded cannabis at the Heritage Market until the war on weed landed him in prison for four years. He had a young son at the time and was motivated to use his time to better himself.

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Conbody Founder Net Worth

His weight decreased. He exercised. He showed off some serious muscle. He educated himself. He taught others to do the same by creating Conbody, a prison-style boot camp that helps incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people get in shape and make a living by teaching others how to work out.

Conbody Career

Through the ConBody Foundation, Cos has expanded ConBody’s core concept to further this mission, providing wraparound reentry services along with fitness and CSR programs for returning citizens. Conbody has worked with over 100 formerly incarcerated professionals with a 0% recidivism rate.

They have set their sights on the legal cannabis industry in New York and are launching CONBUD which will also employ formerly incarcerated people and allow them to help Cos build their dispensary brand. This is what success will look like as dispensaries like ConBud give consumers the opportunity to weaponize their purchases with social meaning and get some great weed at the same time.

Vision for CONBUD

Our vision for CONBUD is to deliver an exceptional quality product in a professional and informative environment. CONBUD will be an immersive experience, a marijuana dispensary inside a museum-like space featuring interactive media and educational facts about how communities of color have been impacted by the war on drugs.

We are bringing the voices of those affected by the inequities of the system and social justice, which sets us apart from other dispensaries. Our mission is to reduce the recidivism rates of formerly incarcerated people by providing them with financial opportunities in the cannabis industry.

Conbody Workout

While Cos Marte was serving four years in prison for selling drugs, he developed his own rigorous fitness regimen, which he could do in his cell without any equipment. In early 2016, nearly three years after being released, he turned that intense workout into a New York City-based fitness company called Conbody.

What’s more, his 17-person staff is almost entirely drawn from former prison inmates. My mission is to recruit as many formerly incarcerated people as possible to teach fitness,” says Marte.

Vision for CONBUD

Now, he has recently published a book which is about his story and his workout plan. And they recently launched a new and improved version of an online exercise video subscription service for home use, taught by five ConBody instructors.

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Conbody Net Worth 2023

Conbody Founder Net Worth: According to the Prison Policy Initiative, approximately 2.3 million people are incarcerated in the United States. Most of them are poor – and many of them will remain poor even after being incarcerated.

Many people enter jail poor and come out of jail even poorer. According to Ames Gravert, senior counsel at the Brennan Center for Justice, the stigma of a criminal record may ultimately lead many people to find themselves on the path to poverty.

The fitness trainer decided it was time to find a permanent location for Conbody but real estate agents had a different idea. Marte told CNBC Make It that no one wanted to rent him a studio because he had been in prison before. We’ll start talking to them… and they’ll really get into it,” says Marte. “Then we would tell them it was about former prisoners and the concept.

Marte says he was not ready to accept defeat. After months of searching for locations and being rejected by about 20 real estate agents, a friend of Marte’s informed him that a studio was available for rent.

Ironically, this location was located on Broome Street, the exact same area where he sold marijuana and cocaine. Conbody’s founder says he knew immediately it was the perfect location for his business.

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ConBody gets a lucrative partnership

In 2016, Marte attended a wellness conference at Spring Studios in Tribeca as a keynote speaker. After telling his story about his transformation from former thief to business owner, he was approached by Misha Vayner, manager of the leasing departments at the luxury department store Saks 5th Avenue.

ConBody gets a lucrative partnership

Weiner told Marte that she wanted him to be a part of Sachs’s new wellness center, called The Valerie, and the two exchanged information. I honestly forgot about it, Marte says. Two months later, Sachs contacted him and asked if he would partner with him as soon as possible. Marte enthusiastically agreed and two weeks later they created a Conbody space on the second floor of Saks in Midtown.

How ConBody Helps Former Inmates

The fitness trainer says he had many doubters as he built his business. “People thought I was crazy,” says Marte. “I’d ask friends to join me and they’d question it. Now those same people want to be a part of it.” And understandably so.

The business has grown quickly within the last year and a half. ConBody started with just Marte’s mother and a few friends as clients. Now, about 15,000 people use ConBody, across all platforms and locations. Prices for classes range from $20 for first-time clients to $250 for a package of 10 classes. A one-on-one session with Marte will run you $150 per hour.

In fact, almost 60 percent of ex-offenders remain unemployed one year after their release, according to a report by the Center for American Progress.

Marte hopes that his ascension will inspire former convicts to launch their own businesses and his advice to them is this: “Just show up day after day and deliver a great service and a great product.”

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Conbody Founder Net Worth Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Coss Marte’s net worth?

Coss Marte net worth is about $3 million to $6 million.

Who is Coss Marte’s Wife?

Coss Marte’s Wife’s name is Roxie Velas.

What role does cannabis play in your life now?

I play an advocacy role in the cannabis industry by sharing my journey and experience and how it affected me in the criminal justice system.

What positives do you see for the community in NYC with legalization?

The legalization of cannabis and giving us the first opportunity to market in this industry is reparation for the government’s wrongdoings as it mostly affected people of color. Communities that have been affected by this are supposed to receive taxes from cannabis sales, which is a step in the right

Who is the CEO of Conbody?

The founder of CONBODY, Coss developed his bodyweight training style when he was incarcerated for 4 years on drug charges. Coss lost 70 pounds in 6 months and found his calling.

Who is the founder of Conbody?

He founded CONBODY fitness studio in New York City, where he hires other former inmates who have turned their lives around through fitness.

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