The Triple F Collection Net Worth 2024, Supercar Passion and Philanthropy to Create Positive Change

The Triple F Collection Net Worth, The Frecka family owns the Triple F Collection which is mostly about supercars and hypercars. There are many other cars in his collection but the number of hypercars makes it worth around 60 million USD.

The Triple F Collection Net Worth

However, their business is a little different from others as they focus on a charitable endeavor that has been able to raise approximately $500,000 for the Ohio-based non-profit organization.

Jason and Jordan Frecka, along with their father Dave Frecka, are involved in other businesses such as construction and manufacturing. However, he has sold the business in recent years and invests his time in exclusive cars and charity.

According to Jordan, it was his dream to stand with those in need, and being able to do this with his family is what makes the Triple F Collection so special. The Triple F Collection is a private, family-owned collection of daily-driven hypercars, and the owner of the Triple F Collection has a net worth of over $60 million.

The collection is owned by the Frecka family. Triple F also has a business restoring classic cars and building custom vehicles, called Triple F Automotive. With over seventy years of experience on their staff, they can perform high-quality work with top-class vehicles.

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Who is the Frecka Family?

Patriarch and Matriarch Dave and Brenda along with their 4 adult children, Jordan, Jenny, Jason, and Katie, are all members of the Frecka family. He is a significant philanthropic leader in Ohio.

Triple F Automotive

Triple F Automotive is a full-service automotive sales, parts, and restoration facility dedicated to the preservation of automotive history. The staff at Triple F Automotive consider themselves experts in their field as they work closely with their customers to meet budgets and ensure high standards and quality of output.

The family that owns the Triple F Collection held a show in 2020, where they showcased their collection of cars at the Cleveland Auto Show. At the event, the Frecka family displayed just five of their magnificent sixty cars in the collection, including a blue 2018 Bugatti Chiron.

Triple F Automotive

Jordan Frecka, a member of the Frecka family that owns the Triple F Collection, said he had partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Nationwide Children to raise money for charity by holding the car show. He said this would be a more productive use of the collection of cars rather than letting them sit in the garage.

The Frecka family wants to make a difference in the world through charity. This course of action will also allow them to share their passion for cars with people who are equally passionate about such cars. He’s using his Lamborghini and various other exotic cars to raise $500,000 for an Ohio-based charity.

Triple F Collection YouTube Channel The Triple F Collection YouTube Channel has been running for over three years and they are celebrating reaching 200,000 subscribers. Frecka founded his first company, Ultra-tech Plastics Inc. of Mansfield, in 1985, growing it to a $20 million business before selling Ultra-tech in 1993. He said he recognized then a need to grow beyond coextruded high-density PE into specialty films.

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Jordan Frecka

When Jordan was a child, he often recalled the time he saw a supercar in the middle of Ohio. His father Dave said he stood there for over an hour, just looking at it, examining it, knowing he would probably never see it again. At just 19 years old, Jordan dropped out of college to manage a plant in the family business.

Dave Frecka

He spent those years thinking about how to share his passion for super and hypercars and after selling the business, Jordan joined his brother Jason and father Dave to create The Triple F Collection. Apart from his wife Ashley, Jordan is the father of 4 boys.

Jason Frecka

Jason may be the older of the brothers, but his passion and energy for his hobbies might convince you otherwise. Jason spent over 15 years working alongside his father and helped grow the business to what it is today.

Once the business was sold, he wanted to find a way to stay connected with his family while having a unique version of fun like Jordan. Although Jason may not remember all the details of the automotive industry, he shows his passion for driving. Jason and his wife Megan are the father of 6 children in total.

Dave Frecka

David Frecka once saw an ad in the newspaper for a job making garbage bags. Shortly after learning the industry, he decided he could learn the ropes, cut corners, and do it better After 25 years of making plastics while working with his family, he sold the business to pursue his passion, high-end performance vehicles.

Dave loves spending time with his family and there is no better way to do that than by giving back to the automotive community. Apart from his wife Brenda, Dave is the father of 4 children. They work collaboratively with their clients to ensure high quality and standard of output and to keep the budget consistent. They are able to create custom cars from computer-generated designs.

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The Triple F Collection Net Worth

Triple F Collection Car list

The Triple F Collection is an American YouTube channel with over 187.00K subscribers. In the world of super and hypercars, there is no dearth of awe-inspiring machines that can leave car enthusiasts drooling. But for the Frecka family, The Triple F Collection isn’t just about owning and displaying some of the world’s most expensive and exotic automobiles.

  • The Triple F Collection channel’s current status and earnings
  • Here is the status for the last two weeks, separated by days.
  • The lowest daily views during this period are 21.78K
  • The highest daily views are 36.75K

It’s all about sharing his passion for cars and giving back to the community through his love for philanthropy. Owned by Dave Fricka and his two sons, Jordan and Jason, the Triple F Collection includes more than 40 of the world’s most exotic supercars and hypercars, with a total value of more than $50 million.

From Ferraris to Lamborghinis, Bugattis to McLarens, this collection is a true car enthusiast’s dream. What sets the Triple F Collection apart from other supercar collections is their dedication to sharing their passion with the community.

In fact, he stays connected with his fans and followers through his social media accounts, he has more than 230,000 subscribers on YouTube and 175,000 followers on Instagram.

YouTube videos provide a glimpse at the ownership and driving experiences of these multimillion-dollar cars, as well as the dynamics of the Fricka family. The video also features Jason and Jordan along with their parents, Dave and Brenda, affectionately known as BDD and Momma F.

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The Triple F Collection

Car collections are also displayed at the Cleveland Auto Show. It is a full-service automotive parts, restoration, and sales facility dedicated to automotive service preservation. The staff and employees are very experienced and experts in this field.

The Triple F Collection

The family behind TripleF Collection is very open about how they got their money. The family built a manufacturing business over the course of a few decades and recently sold the company.

The Triple F Collection is undoubtedly a family affair inspired by a true labor of love. Following their retirement from the plastics manufacturing industry in 2019, the Frika family was determined to remain united and embark on a new entrepreneurial journey together.

The Triple F Collection is a testament to the power of family and the joy of pursuing a shared passion. Whether it’s owning some of the most expensive cars in the world or raising money for charity, the Freeka family’s dedication to making a difference is truly inspiring.

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The Triple F Collection Net Worth Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Triple F Collection?

Triple F Collection is a Private family-owned collection of daily-driven hypercars. It is a business of fabricating custom vehicles and restoring classic cars that were founded by the Frecka Family.

What is the Triple F Collection Owner Net Worth?

The Frecka Family owner of Triple F Collection Net Worth is over $60 million. Triple F Collection is a massive collection of the world’s top tier 60 luxurious and gracious sought-after or means hypercars.

Who are Triple F Collection owners?

Frecka Family is the owner of the Triple F Collection. The Triple F Collection is a God and Family First collection of cars.

Where is the Triple F Collection Located?

The location of Domestic Limited Liability Company is located in Ohio. It was incorporated on December 22, 2020.

What is the Triple F Collection House Location?

The agent of The Triple F Collection LLC is Jordan and his address is 5025 Sanctuary Drive, Westerville, Ohio, 43082.

What does Triple F do for a living?

Triple F Automotive has been in the business of restoring classic cars and fabricating custom vehicles since 2006.

What does the Triple F collection stand for?

Faith, Family, Philanthropy. Daily Driven HyperCar and Supercar Collection.

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