Zahir Icebox Net Worth 2024,

Zahir Icebox Net Worth 2024: Zahir is known to be kind of a rapper. We have added the detailed biography and net worth of this American rapper. We have good news if you want to know more about Zahir Jooma. We discussed Zahir Jooma net worth, age, height, and other details here.

Zahir Icebox Net Worth 2024

Zahir Jooma Biography

The birth name of this American rapper is Zahir Jooma; People also know the name is Zahir Icebox. His nationality is Native American. Zahir Jooma’s hometown is Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States. Check the next section, where you will get zahir icebox net worth.

Real NameZahir Jooma
NicknameZahir Icebox
ProfessionJeweler, Co-founder of Icebox Diamond and Watches, and a Rapper
Net Worth$1.5 million 
Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight70 kg (approximately)
ParentsFather – Mike JoomaMother- Dinar Jooma

Zahir Jooma Net Worth

Zahir Jooma net worth much does Zahir Jooma earn However, it is impossible to get accurate information about Zahir Jooma’s salary and net worth. The following section will get detailed information about his salary and net worth. Zahir Jooma’s net worth is $1.2 million. see the next section, you will get zahir icebox age and others information.

Zahir Jooma Age

Do you know about the Zahir Jooma age. Below is information about his birthday, birthplace and other related information. He was born in the USA in 1990. He is currently 32 years old. Zahir Jooma was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States.

Zahir Icebox Net Worth 2024

Zahir Jooma Height, Weight

Zahir Jooma is 5 feet 10 inches tall. The approximate weight is 70 kg. The weight changes regularly, and we indicate the current value. Check the next section; you will know who zahir icebox wife is.

Zahir Jooma Wife

Is Zahir Jooma married or unmarried .Who is his girlfriend .Any trusted source we are Don’t find out who is Zahir Jooma’s wife. We ensure that we find who is his wife or girlfriend and update this page very soon.

Zahir Jooma The Goal

When the now globally famous Icebox Diamonds & Watches began in Atlanta in 2006, the pool of jewelers specializing in “hip-hop jewelry” was relatively small. The market for fully natural diamond-set chains, extra-large diamond pendants and custom diamond watches was confined almost exclusively to successful hip-hop artists.

Fast forward to 2022, hip-hop music dominates the pop charts and with the help of Icebox’s influence, “hip-hop jewelry” is not only in the mainstream, it shapes the fine jewelry world.Mo, Rafi and Zahir Jooma, the three brothers who own and operate Icebox Diamonds & Watches.

Leaned into Atlanta’s unique and artistic culture when developing the Icebox brand. As Rafi says, “Atlanta is the land of opportunity for creative individuals.” Zahir Icebox Net Worth 2024 Big fans of the music genre, the three brothers recognized hip-hop’s importance in the Atlanta scene and decided to try everything to break into it.

In the early days, they would frequent Atlanta nightlife spots and recording studios, introducing themselves and passing out business cards with the hopes of having luck with the right people.

Zahir Icebox Net Worth 2024

he brothers agree that a pivotal moment for Icebox was in 2009 when they were approached by legendary hip-hop artist T-Pain in 2009 to custom make what is now one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry ever made: Zahir Icebox Net Worth 2024 the “Big Ass Chain”. Weighing over ten pounds and with almost 200 carats of natural diamonds, few pieces could be more over the top.

According to T-Pain, the piece was made it purely because a stranger dared him he wouldn’t do it, a story that makes the piece all the more iconic. Needless to say, droves of high-profile clients followed, turning Icebox into a hotspot for Atlanta talent and a must-stop for celebrities passing through.

The no-compromise attitude toward client relations is a practice that stands out in driving the success of Icebox. Rafi says, “We find ways to never say no.” Whether you want food or drinks while you shop, your barber Zahir Icebox Net Worth 2024 brought in for a cut, or even a pop-up shop at your “ice”-themed birthday party like Lil Baby, Icebox will make it happen.

The comfort level their customers feel while shopping is immediately apparent. Major celebrities will hang out for hours, Zahir Icebox Net Worth 2024 looking at and learning about natural diamonds.Zahir, who works on the design, says, “We are known for making the impossible possible.”

Sometimes hundreds of design hours are spent on the custom diamond creations for which Icebox is known.Social media is to thank for the millions of people worldwide who know Icebox despite never having visited Atlanta.

Between Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, Icebox has around 12 million followers. They’ve racked up almost 400 million YouTube views and well over 106 million TikTok likes—social influence at the level of the world’s largest and most famous jewelry stores—all without paying to boost their content.

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Icebox’s videos, which most often feature the rich and famous shopping and making big purchases, get millions of views and can be as promotionally beneficial to the featured artists as they are for Icebox themselves. Natural diamonds are the ultimate luxury item, and according to T-Pain, until you’ve splurged on natural diamonds at Icebox, “I don’t think you really made it as an artist.”

Zahir Icebox Net Worth 2024

Since it opened, Icebox has successfully catered to the hip-hop and men’s jewelry niche, which, a decade or so later, is no longer a niche. Nothing better proves that Icebox has transcended into mainstream pop culture than the jeweler’s partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue; the luxury department stores are hosting Icebox boutiques around the country.

Mo says he “thinks Saks recognizes that we play a big part in pop culture.” After testing the concept in Saks Atlanta, Icebox and Saks plan to expand the concept and continue to satisfy the growing demand for diamond jewelry that was once thought unconventional.

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Icebox also gifted Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with a custom piece for his role in the new DC superhero movie, Black Adam. Zahir Icebox Net Worth 2024 The natural diamond encrusted tennis necklace features white natural diamonds, while the lightening bolt is encrusted in both yellow and white diamonds. Icebox took to Instagram to show behind the scenes of making this chain, in between clips of Johnson thanking them for creating the custom piece.

Icebox Begin

Before we could tie our shoelaces together, we knew how to clean jewelry for clients, change watch batteries, and we Zahir Icebox Net Worth 2024 could help the goldsmiths solder gold chains or size a ring. Icebox, the n that you know of today, opened in Buckhead, Atlanta in 2009.I wouldn’t call it a rebranding so much as an evolution. From the beginning of Icebox, we have always been focused on men’s fine jewelry.

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Today, there is a direct correlation between our growth and the growth of hip-hop music. It is the new pop. Zahir Icebox Net Worth 2024 Our evolution is interchangeable with the growth of the genre; we are heavily invested in social media and digital content. Our clients are increasingly asking for the finest quality, finest materials, and most sophisticated design. We stay one step ahead, setting the trends and establishing what’s hot in jewelry.

Leader In The Jewelry Industry

One of our first major clients, who is a very good friend and who we still work with today, was T-Pain. He was the first person Zahir Icebox Net Worth 2024 to trust us with large, detailed designs before we ever made pieces like we do today. He lives in Atlanta and still comes by for holiday shopping. We will always value him as one of our most important clients because he trusted us so many years ago.

The outside world thinks that all of our business comes from entertainers because of what they hear and see online, but we have tons of “regular” clients; business owners and wealthy people who come from all Zahir Icebox Net Worth 2024 over the world. If I had to estimate, I would say about one third of our business comes from actors, athletes, and musicians.

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A commitment to quality, advancement in technology, customer service, and never letting fans of our brand down, and by releasing exciting products all the time. Our executive team is constantly reevaluating the brand and finding better ways to bring Icebox to our clients and fans.

Zahir Icebox Net Worth 2024

Spent The Most In Icebox

To be perfectly honest, we have lots of high spenders. If you’ve visited our YouTube channel or if you follow us on Instagram you’ll regularly Zahir Icebox Net Worth 2024 see our clients dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars. We’ve sold a handful of individual pieces in the 7-figure price range. I’m also not afraid to say we have dozens of local clients who regularly spend well over a million a year, year after year.

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Zahir Icebox Net Worth 2024, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the real owner of Icebox?

Overview. Rafi Jooma is the Founder and Co-Owner of Icebox Diamonds and Watches.

Does Zahir own icebox?

Zahir Jooma, the three brothers who own and operate Icebox Diamonds & Watches, leaned into Atlanta’s unique and artistic culture when developing the Icebox brand.

How old is the owner of Ice Box?

“This is the place you purchase what you’re going to eventually flex, but in the store it’s intimate, it’s friendly, it’s comfortable,” said Rafi Jooma, 35, who owns and operates the business along with his brothers Mo, 37, and Zahir, 32, and their parents.

Who is Rafi jooma?

Rafi Jooma has been working as a Co-Owner at Icebox Diamonds & Watches for 11 years. Icebox Diamonds & Watches is part of the Manufacturing industry, and located in Georgia, United States.

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